Reasonable cause testing for package car drivers

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    I few weeks ago, I posted about probably losing my job. Well, I resigned, thanks for those that tried to help and to those that said I should, I hope yall are happy. To the point, I failed a drug test, labor manager says my results would be sent to dot. I've come to realize that the labor manager was incorrect or flat out lying about several things. My question is, will my results be forwarded to dot, will dot keep track of them, am I subject to dot regulations. I can't seem to find an answer, dot protocol was not followed as far as reasonable cause was concerned, labor manager did not provide me with any information regarding substance abuse professional like dot rules specify, and dot says on their website that I am not subject to dot testing because I don't have a cdl, drive vehicle over 16k pounds, or vehicle that carries over 15 passengers, no haz mat placards. So, if I am not covered by dot drug tests, why would labor manager forward results to dot? And if he did, does it matter? If I don't fall under dot mandated employ testing, do I still need to see a sap? If anyone knows the answers to these questions I would greatly appreciate your help. I'm really not sure if I should contact a sap or not because I don't know if I actually violated dot rules
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    Why the heck would you voluntarily resign?
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    I posted a month ago and explained my situation. I was facing three terminations, all of them, in my opinion were bs, in the sense that they all clearly violated contract language but my ba said the union would not fight for me, I felt like there was nothing I could do and I was talked into thinking resigning was a smart move, I'm an idiot. Anyway, was tired of fighting and just ready to move on, I loved the people I worked with but ups does not appreciate its workers. Now, I'm considering my options, maybe going back to school, maybe getting cdl, that's what I'm not sure about though, will a failed drug test for package car driver affect getting my cdl, as far as I can tell from dot website, tests only apply to people that already have their cdl
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    • Did you actually fail the test? I didn't see that in the last thread, in fact it was conspicuously absent considering the time frame you had laid out IIRC. I thought they might have been bluffing you on that.
    • AFAIK, the company's delivery trucks are mostly registered @ 26,000 lbs GVWR.
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    Why worry about it now you resigned
    Keep on Blazin!!
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    Yes I did fail the test. But I have never had a cdl, and from what I read, that's what the dot regulations cover, cdl holders
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    because I'd like to go ahead and sit through whatever class, do whatever drugs are bad bs I need to and have it out of the way, so that in the event that I do pursue getting my cdl in the future, it's done and not hanging over me, I just don't know if I actually have violated dot rules, or have to do anything in the way of return to duty process
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    So just out of curiosity, did you learn a lesson? What about when you get your CDL, gonna keep on smokin?
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    I'd give up on the truck drivin gig
    You can make more $$ slinging weed
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  10. RonBurgandy??????????

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    QUOTE="scooby0048, post: 1524836, member: 50693"]So just out of curiosity, did you learn a lesson? What about when you get your CDL, gonna keep on smokin?[/QUOTE]
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    Time to move on man, goodluck to you. Might I suggest next time you are employed lay off the drugs if you value your job.
  12. ibleedbrown

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    what was their reasoning for drug testing you? were you not offered rehab? if u get your cdl and get a job driving rigs will you will most likely have to deal with random drug testing.
  13. Ah yes. You do illegal drugs, but the company is in the wrong.
    DOT regulations don't prohibit employers from random drug tests. They can absolutely drug test you. The limits that come into play are from the union contract in this case. There are a lot of places that do random drug tests when operating vehicles.
  14. Wally

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    What drug did you fail for? I say this because, you may had a disability that requires treatment. Would the disability card help you keep your job? Don't know.

    Best not to do drugs boys and girls...
  15. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
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    If.... you have a CDL and do (any) work driving feeders.

    Pkg car drivers, and all other employees are only subject to "reasonable cause" testing.

    Including management people.

  17. The Other Side

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    Why are people offering this guy advice on how to keep his job? Its clear, from his own admission that he is a drug user. Regardless of package or feeder, he is a danger to the general public, his coworkers and himself. Obviously he does not understand this fact.

    "WE" dont need a driver on the road in any kind of vehicle who does drugs and would say "i will do whatever drugs are bad BS i have to".. this shows he has no interest in changing his ways, only skirting the reality of his drug use.

    The only advice to be given is "HIT THE ROAD JACK" and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    You resigned. Game over. Whether you were talked into it, or panicked and resigned, who cares. YOU made the best decision.

    Peoples lives depend on UPS drivers doing the right things. From getting enough sleep, to being "clean", and a person like you shows bad judgement.

    Guys like you should NEVER be behind the wheel of any commercial vehicle anywhere in this country.

    You wanna get high? You want to do drugs because you got it all figured out? Fine, stay away from commercial vehicles.

    I find this whole thread absolutely ridiculous. I am glad the Union blew you off. You deserved it.

    Congrats on being another drug addict unwilling to assimilate into normal society.

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  18. JustAnumber1

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    Apparently my question is lost on most. I love those that offer me career advice and tell me drugs are bad. Yes, the company absolutely violated the contract language and dot language when they gave me a drug test. You can say that's me passing the buck if you want but I hope one day you never find yourself standing behind a contract book that plainly says what the company is doing is wrong, thinking it offers you protection and yet the company is able to do whatever they want and the union won't fight for you. As to the career advice, if you were to read my question, I'm simply asking if Im required to talk to a sap. I've never had a cdl. I had 2 other jobs the day I left ups. Small companies that I know the boss at both places personally, they allow my work ethic to speak for itself. I come to work when I'm scheduled, I work hard while I'm there, I'm a valued employee at both places. If I go home and blaze away, neither boss cares. So, I'd have to disagree with those that say I'll never have a career. Maybe some of you have very little ambition and are content to be owned by ups, there are worse places to work. I can't say that I left on the terms I wanted to but I can say I never planned on staying there forever anyway, so it works out the same. I've seen what life for a driver is like and I've seen what it's like at the other places I work. Both bosses know their employees, both are more understanding and caring, both operate a business with a much better work environment.
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    I understand that dot regulations don't prohibit random drug tests but the regulations do day that in order for a reasonable cause test to be given, the person must be observed by 2 supervisors trained in what to look for, they explicitly say that the word of another employee can not be the sole cause for such test, in my case, that's what was used. The word of another employee, not the observations of management. And yes I do drugs, but either the company is wrong or the contract language and dot language is absolutely wrong.
  20. JustAnumber1

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    I am not asking if drugs are good or bad, I'm not asking for career advice or anyone's opinion as to if I'll ever fail another test, if I deserve a cdl, all I'd like to know is whether or not I'm required to take a class, see a sap before I apply for a cdl, I'm not applying, I have no need or use for a cdl at this point in my life, I would just rather go ahead and take whatever classes I may need to, see a sap if I'm required to so that if someday in the future I do want to get my cdls then there's no hold up from years ago.