Reasons for dismissal/discipline as a package car driver?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kmjs14, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. kmjs14

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    Besides the obvious reasons (drinking on the job, attendance, stealing, lying, etc, etc), can any driver on here tell me some other reasons a driver (who works his butt off everyday) can be disciplined, suspended, or terminated? I have read some posts on here with some drivers being either suspended for an accident (but didn't make book yet), or other drivers being harassed/suspended for seat belts/safety, etc. How about production or anything else?

    Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. DS

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    IMO ups has no standard policy about how any given center deals with it.
    If you are lucky,you get a center manager that is fair.If not they can do whatever they want.
    They can discipline,suspend and terminate you for whatever they can dig up.
    It's like a witch hunt where I am right now.Suspensions for guys calling for help all day
    that have missed,accusations of impossible missed scans,fixing time cards.
    All you can do is grieve it and hope that you have a better union than we do.
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    Preventable tier 3 accident
  4. Anonymous 10

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    In are
    Supplement it's called 17 I other serious offenses which could mean anything.
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    So what'd you do that yer a little nervous about?
  6. kmjs14

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    I'm a p/t package handler that is considering f/t driving as a career option. I also have a possible law enforcement opportunity down the road. Just weighing my options. I like the day shift as opposed to rotating 24/7 shifts but job security is a plus.
    In answer to your question...this post was geared towards drivers who come into work day in and out and perform their best, yet are still faced with discipline.
  7. cachsux

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    Don`t forget having sex in the back of your package car. it`s a sure fire way to get terminated. Especially if it`s with another person.
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    I heard it's ok as long as you use the methods.
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    As long as you're on your lunch, it should not be an issue.
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    Yep, whatever you choose to eat on your lunch hour, its all good
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    Not that many drivers that show up every day and perform their best are disciplined.

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    There goes my 3 points of contact joke !
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    Isn't there something in there about using the handrail when entering and exiting?