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    So I am a recent hire, local 705 Chicago, Started the classroom training on 11/13 started loading cars on 11/19.

    How long does it take to be in the union?

    How long is the probation period at Palatine?

    Is there a "Magic Number" for misloads that would cause you to be let go before you are "safe"?
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    You where hired during a free period ( your considered a seasonal hire unless your still working after the Jan 1). You will most likely be on probation until the middle of Feb if they keep you after the First of the year. Probation period is 30 days ( depending on your area it might be working days or just 30 straight days.

    You need to show up to work on time everyday until you probation period is over. If you call in or show up late they can extend your probation period another 30 days...
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    Say hello to Irish Red your union BA he is a good guy .
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    It sounds like you might already be in mis-load trouble? Unless you have a situation like we do here - you are loading multiple vehicles delivering to the same location, its really hard to excuse misloads - especially with PAS. If you are having trouble reading the SPA labels - get glasses - even the cheap "readers" found at wally world until you get your bennies
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    There is no "magic number" for misloads. I've seen people not called back for just a few misloads, and I've also seen people who've had 20-something (yes, in a single day) return the next day. I guess it depends on whether they like you, their staffing needs and/or the availability of a sup to train you/check your load. My best advise is to avoid misloading.