reddit: "Dealing with a potentially violent bully? My UPS guy threatened me."

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by splozi, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Aggressive power tripping union piece of crap.

    He should have been a cop!
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    Don't give him any ideas.
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    If that story is legit that guy has no business being a UPS driver and I hope he gets fired.
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    I don't get the name thing,this guy knew her name the first time she signed the board.
    This whole spiel may be true but I smell something and it ain't coffee.
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    She meant that they told him the name of the person who made the complaint. Since he already knew her name, he knew that she did it.

    The sad thing is... while this is an extreme case, I can actually imagine it happening.
    While helping load package cars on other belts at the end of the morning, I've run into drivers giving me attitude because their cars are loaded like crap or the load is too heavy. I think if something like that happens again, I'll just leave. The driver can bulk out his out car. This is only mild aggression though, nothing like this person is describing.

    Extremes like this can be seen in any profession.
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    We had a driver pulled off a route in our center and put on another route because of a customer complaint. If the manager of the business tells the UPS supe or center manager that that particular driver is no longer allowed on their property, then he is no longer allowed on the property.

    Is it all BS??? Probably some of it. I am betting that the driver has been told to pick up at the desk and that he is regularly ignored or employees take their sweet time getting to him. I've had stops like that. I never let them go that far, I make sure my supe knows if there is an issue so it can be taken care of. Maybe this driver did inform his supe and his management team did nothing (I could see that happening.)

    or he could just be a dick and no one has complained about him up to this point. We certainly have drivers that have attitude, cripes there have been days that I have that attitude (hopefully not that extreme.)
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    Not defending this guys behavior, but society is pretty meek as a whole. Trying to get a signature is like pulling teeth sometimes. You go into an office environment on a hot summer day, sweating and maybe breathing a little hard cause your pushing a handcart around or had to take the stairs. Even the men look at you like your an alien. P**SIES!!! The driver has probably had an A** full trying to get sigs for his driving career and said "F it, i"m going to be me". Maybe he's a former Marine, we don't know. OOOHH RAHH!
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    This leads me to a question. I was driver helping last peak. Let's say you have a pickup at a business. The guy behind the desk doesn't know if they have anything for us. The guy that he needs to check with about that isn't in the room. He mostly ignores me while he helps the customer in line. I didn't know what to do so I just waited for him. Eventually the driver got impatient and came in, and at the same time the other guy walked in the room and said he didn't have anything for us. What do you do? Can you tell him you don't have time to wait and just leave?
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    Loathe the sig dodgers. I'm trying to beat feet outta there, and you would think I am asking people to sign for a an effin neutron bomb. It's some paper towels and some coffee creamer, not the original Magna Carta! Then you wait around for management or whoever. Then I usually say something along the lines "Sorry to bother you, I was told I needed you to sign for this". And almost always, "oh don't be silly, just have someone up front do it". BOOM! That's my head.
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    As a helper, you cannot tell them you do not have time to wait. The regular driver will have the rapport to be able to do that, a temp does not.
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    I guess that should have been part of the question too, if the driver has 'authority' to make the decision. Because, I figured, if someone at the business gets upset and makes an angry call to the center, the driver might get in trouble for doing that.
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    They really need to move Upstate to a new route.
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    We do have the authority.

    If your pickup time is 430 at the front desk, and when I walk in at 430 and there's nothing there, I'm leaving. If you don't know if there's anything going out, then in fact, there will not be anything going out.

    If I am expected to deliver/pickup by a certain time, then you are expected to have your shipment picked up at the agreed upon time
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    As a helper you do exactly what you did--you wait. If you had taken it upon yourself to leave and tell the driver they had nothing going when in fact you really did not know and the customer complained you would have the put the driver in to the position of having to explain a missed pickup. "The helper said they had nothing going" wouldn't cut it.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What if the person at the desk was new or was from a temp agency? You always make contact with the person in charge of shipping.
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    We had a driver that chewed tobacco. He spit every where. It was just an unconscious habit. At a local business he spat on the floor at their loading dock. That was the last time he delivered there for the rest of his career. He was banned from the premises. He wasn't moved from his route but someone that bumped up against his route had to deliver there from then on.

    This way over the top. If he treats all his customers that way during the day I can safely assume he is not well liked on his route. He needs some anger management courses and taught the value of patience. We are all professionals and should act that way. At any business or residence we are all guests for the short time where are there. We should make our stay brief but amiable. That is what builds rapport with the customer. Then we are greeted with a smile instead of them rolling their eyes.
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    If the pickup location is front desk, and has been for years, then its safe to assume that all employees of said business know to have their outbound packages there by a certain time to be picked up. If Noone is at the front desk, I'm not going to go wandering the halls looking for Michelle, the woman in charge of shipping. Not gonna happen
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    You will think differently once you meet Michelle.
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    Michelle is smokin' hot, and single....