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    I received a call from redmond about a bid I singed and was wondering if any one on here was currently a driver or was one recently at the redmond wa hub. If any one could tell me about the working conditions and if management is totally insane there. I did my drivers training at the redmond hub but did not get a chance to talk with any of the drivers at the time. I am not asking for any gossip just a realistic opinion of the hub. Thank you.
  2. I think it's insane everywhere.
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    All hubs are crazy…since it is a large hub just do your job and fly under the radar and you'll be fine. The good thing about delivering on the east side is that the only stairs you have to walk are the ones in and out of your package car. Good luck.
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    I did my training at redmond too.

    Its a big hub with many centers. Its gotta be crazy working in a big city like seattle and its outer areas.

    The supes did seem like nicer people then at my hub.

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    Two words...creative parking
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    I trained at Redmond too. I've talked to a couple drivers who have transfered from Redmond to smaller outlying centers... They were happy to leave! hahaha. Doesn't sound like a terrible place (way better than seattle or tukwilla)... But it can't compare to the smaller centers in the state that have huge rural service areas.
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    Seems that the Redmond division focuses on numbers too much. Not at all like a cushy job in the seattle hub. The worst thing you have to worry about in seattle is mariners day game or or protesters march