Regarding 22.4s aka 22.Whores & New peak dates.

Slug Life

When do we eat?
So first and foremost we know how bad the 22... is/will be for new guys. With new guys busting tail and all skipping their 1.5 hour meal breaks a day. That’s 7.5 hours a week of most likely free labor the company will gain per week. Not to mention at a very reduced rate to boot.
Next up with this new peak Nov. 15th thru Jan. 15th we are taking another loss. I get the 9.5 applying but why are we now losing time for 8-hour requests. We can’t submit Nov. period even though 1st-15th isn’t going to be peak.
At the same time we’ve lost Jan. 1st-15th. Once again another fail from our Lord and Savior Dennis T. (Cough cough Hoff)
Don’t let this little nugget slip thru the cracks everyone.