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    Wondering if anyone knows the UPS rules with regard to family members working for family members at centers. I am hoping for a source with regard to the rules. The national contract remains silent on the issue. If anyone knows where to find code of conduct from UPS for workplace that would be great. My search of UPSERS.COM came up with nil on a code of conduct... odd you would think they would have on there... :detective
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    I was told by HR that your family can work there, but they must start as a part-timer. Also, can't have a manager placed over a family member.
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    Got two drivers in my center that've been there a while, one has a son driving in the same building, and another has a daughter in the same building driving. All of them are full time drivers.
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    But can they work together, say loading a truck for a brother or sister?
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    Why would anyone want their family members to work for UPS?
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    I agree, I don't recommend it to anyone, Get and education, do something you like, or at least that you don't hate and won't ruin your body.
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    In many places in the country you get a driver job and you are set. In my town this is one of the best jobs available.
    I heard that one reason UPS set a policy for no relatives working together was so that in little towns where UPS driver is the best job no one family would corner the market on the good UPS jobs. That way they could more fairly distribute the wealth in the community. That's a rumor I heard don't take it as fact. But it sounds nice.

    Where I live the average household income (thats 2 incomes combined in most cases) is around 40,000$ per year. So one person making 80,000$ is pretty amazing. Combine that with a spouse that makes good money and you are basically rich for the area.
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    We have a few famliy members in our building. From brothers to sons/daughters to inlaws and cousins.
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    I've always heard it was that two family members cannot be management in the same building at the same time (one has to be hourly). One guy's brother was a supe and quit, so he could "finally" get promoted. It seems kind of strange to me.
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    Basically what I was told, too. I've also been told by two UPS districts that a relative can not work on the same shift as a family member in management....period. HR is supposed to discourage having family members on the same sort...period. Even if its the other side of the Hub its supposedly against the rules. I'll add a disclaimer that this was 6 months ago. Its possible things have changed. If it has, I'd be interested in hearing it. I have a relative that really needs to be cut off at the knees, kicked in the jewels, put on his back and KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO WORK FOR A LIVING!! :angry:. -Rocky
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    There is a link to the UPS Policy book on the Home ( I think) page of
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    I tried to get my son a job at UPS while he was going to college and was told that he could not work a shift that was adjacent to my shift. The problem with that is we only have 3 shifts, the preload, drivers, and the metro, so each shift is adjacent to the other. He will be relocating and will try to get a job at the hub where is he moving while he finishes his degree.
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    It is up to the district HR Manager as to how this policy is enforced. In the district that I came from you could not work in the same building if one of the family was in management.

    If you lie on your application and do not show a relationship - one of the family may lose their job or have to resign. I have seen this come to light when someone in the family dies and coincidentally both of the employees are off on the day of the funeral. Rumors have a way of getting around!!!!

    Check with the HR dept. in your district to get the correct ruling.