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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by ptmays, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. ptmays

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    I am currently working part-time at a UPS center in Texas. In approximately 9 months I will move to Germany to attend graduate school in Freiburg Germany.

    I know UPS is good with accommodating transfers for educational purposes; however, I know that the contract in Germany is completely different from the states.

    If anyone can answer any of the following questions I will be extremely greatful:

    1) Will UPS transfer Americans to Germany
    2) I know the language and am familiar with the postal system. Will this play a role in being able to get a job there.
    3) How does pay, benefits, etc... work abroad.

    Any information whatsoever is appreciated

    Danke schön!
  2. OldUPSDriver

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    Kein weg, jose
  3. david cassin

    david cassin dublinbrown

    totally diff from usa,we had a german manager for a while but got rid of him,he had no manners and thought by whistling at people they would come over to him like dogs,the uk has him now..
    prepare yourself as its a lot diff from the usa ,moneywise,perks that usa drivers/other staff have over european counterparts.
  4. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    I dont know that almost sounds like a cultural difference, im not saying German people are rude, im saying theyre are more abrupt or direct with things

    I dont know im thinking they may have some perks we dont?
  5. david cassin

    david cassin dublinbrown

    i have met many germans alot live to work but this man was ignorance at its best.he thought he could come over to ireland and stand on :"paddy"
    as we irish are often refered to.we had the last laugh and he was seen through by our district manager..:happy2:
  6. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    was he on special assignment? is there a lot of fluididty between the european nations with their management?
  7. david cassin

    david cassin dublinbrown

    he was suppose to be with us for 3 years but got kicked to the uk after 2.
    i would have sent him to siberia personally but didn't happen:happy-very:
  8. ptmays

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    I didn't know what it would be like transferring from America to Germany. I'm familiar with the cultural idioms, love the people (for the most part), and need to relocate their to further my education - I mean, you can't study Germany philosophy in a better country than Germany.

    Despite the Teamsters working to insure good pay wages, vacation times, checks and ballances, etc in America, Germany has very strict regulations on Employee relations. Mandatory vacations must be issued to EVERY employee and triple pay is offered for overtime workers - by law.

    I just asked my supervisor and he gave me a dumbfounded expression when I asked him about international transfers.
  9. Monkey Butt

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    I believe you meant Kant.
  10. ptmays

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    Nice little pun...

    Germany has the physical sciences and the humanities down. That's why I would like to go there.
  11. Magnun

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    Ptmays, what answer did your superviser give you>
  12. Magnun

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    Did you transfer>