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    I understand the decision has been made to eliminate the midwest region. It will be consolidated with the North central. Good, and in my opinion overdue, cost savings. I know this is not as interesting as "black lung" or the real story behind workforce violence but I found it very interesting.
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    I saw a UPS press release saying that the change will be effective Jan ,03. Should save considerable amounts of $$$$.
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    Also reduces the amount of idiots who don't have a clue of what is going on where the rubber meets the road.[​IMG]

    What they should do is close the doors on all region offices and the Corp. office for 1 year and make those folks work the Sorts, Package Centers, etc. so they can experience firsthand what their decisions have done where it means the most. IMO, we'd be better for it in the long run.
    I know, it'll never happen!
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    That is a great idea. We are always talking about not forgetting where we come from, the bottom. And UPS is oh so quick to point out how they love to promote from within.

    Maybe management should be rotated in for 2 weeks in the summer. This would help with coverage for vactions and really drive the point home of remembering your roots. It would also help for those who where hired off the street to really
    understand what others do in this company. IMO.

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    You could get the same affect by making the upper mgmt requalify in an oprational area for 30 days every three years. Take out the Community Internship program and let them go get their hands dirty in the Hub or Package and then let see about how the standards should be run.
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    I was in management for 19 years before retiring. As a staff supervisor and section leader, I actually enjoyed those peak seasons (5 years) when I was assigned to a package center from Thanksgiving until Christmas eve, and assigned a group of drivers, or the preload operation.

    It was great to get my hands dirty, work up a sweat, work with the hourly group, and meet the public while training driver helpers, training preloaders, etc.

    Many of my management friends similarly enjoyed these peak assignments.