Region District Realignment?

They had been doing that type of stuff for a while before I left over a year ago:

Our district consolidated a few centers over the course of a couple years. I'm assuming to cut down on costs associated with operating a center as no employees or management were eliminated.

Some division managers were being split across 2 districts. For example: PE and Automotive division managers were overseeing 2 districts instead of one. This may be been driven by a management reduction initiative as it clearly reduces the number of division managers.

Although the district I worked in was not impacted, there were other districts and regions around the US that were consolidated.


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The organization is always looking to consolidate, outsource and restructure management. All cost initiatives to reduce management expense and benefit costs, along with real estate, office furniture, computer equipment and anything else that goes with closing a facility.

Consolidations usually occur at the start of a quarter for technology purposes.

There is also a 90 day announcement, by law to any employees who may be impacted by a closing of a UPS facility. In some cases employees may be afforded other opportunities, and in other cases, severance packages are administered.