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    im part time air with 4 years; ive had other commitments that precluded me from ft in the past but now i can do it.

    no bids, but in my 4 years ive notice every single christmass that reg-temps off the street get called back and their "temp" position becomes permanent (cover) and they are still here years later with that job never going to bid. according to managment these jobs are count as bid becuase of reg-temp list ...then it becomes perm.

    shouldnt these cover routes be bid after christmass? if i go reg tempt ill lose alot of money through christmass (top rate + ground pay vs. 17.50 reg temp and less hrs). and i have no gaurantee of a route afterwards.
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    ok mgmt was misinformed (no surprise) the union told me that these regtemps ARE counted as outside hires for the ratio.