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    So today will be my last day as a Driver helper apparently. My driver said they gave him a sheet for me to fill out if i was interested in coming back. I filled it out. What are the odds of Driver helpers getting back on? i have worked my :censored2: off for the last month and my driver says im the best he has ever had.

    Thanks for any responses!
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    Does his wife know?

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    It depends... if you were running in the top bracket of SPORH and achieved a #1 Rehire Rating, your odds are good. But they have to have an opening and a need of another PT Permanent first. If they don't, you won't be called back. That's just how it is. Similarly, if somebody was better than you at SPORH and didn't have any mistakes at all (it happens occasionally), they will hire them first over you.

    I averaged about 50 SPORH the entire Peak, 35 to 40 SPORH on a few bad days (severe rain, bad loads, tons of misorts/misloads etc). My Driver has also said I'm one of the best Helpers he's ever had - he also said Management likes us, that we're both in the top 5 teams this Peak with the least over-allowed time of every other team.

    In that case, my prospects are good... IF there's a demand for another couple of PT Permanents in the Center after this year, otherwise it won't happen for me. If it doesn't, I'm in for a 4th Peak until or unless my employment situation changes (I get something somewhere else preventing me from having another stab at this).

    However, volume drops in January and continues to be slow for a few months early in the following year of Peak. Layoffs happen and they do not hire outsiders until or unless ALL of the existing PT Permanents are brought back FIRST. If after that they need more hands, they will call back a few Seasonal Hires and offer them the openings, if any are vacant but those guys and gals will be the first to be laid off should volume drop and it likely will with how the economy is looking - so bear that in mind.

    Just don't give up and be persistent. If this is something you really, really, really want, you may end up having to put in a few Peaks to finally catch a break. I'm on my 3rd Peak but I know I'm getting closer to that rehire call. If UPS is doing as well as it claims, it will happen next year. But then, I'm not about to hold my breath... anything can happen.
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    same here, this was my third peak. im hoping to get that call this year but doesnt look good, i had a lot of screw ups this year because of a problem with my legg. but this is what i reslly want to do, so im keeping at it
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    Just plan on not getting a call back is they where going to keep you they would have told you already.