Removing the bonus incentive for drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by busterb, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Are there any centers that have voted out the bonus incentive for package drivers out there? I know that some centers have voted out this incentive but, I would like to know how this effected there work environment and what the short term and long term effects where? I would like to know how both the union members and management reacted to the change?
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    screw the bonus just makes for more runner gunners
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    Well since browns insight was so detailed on aspects you didnt know, I will actually answer your question.

    We voted out bonus in our center. At the time they started it, it worked pretty good. At the beginning it was fair to pretty much all the drivers.

    But over time it morphed into a system that was manipulated by our center management team. They also used it as a means to thin those drivers they did not want by charging them with inflating stops.

    For example, you have an apartment complex. Gets 23 stops. You attempt all 23, deliver 3 but leave notices at the other 20 that the package is in the office. This process takes almost 75 minutes. Including hauling all 20 stops up the stairs to the office.

    So you are actually making 24 stops. But management decided that it should only count as 4. The three delivered and the one at the office.

    So four stops for almost an hour and 15.

    Some of the drivers took the short cut and just took them all to the office without leaving delivery notices, which was in violation of the TOS for the complex.

    Anyway, the drivers took a vote that was documented by the company and union, and the vote was almost 3/4 against the bonus.

    At first, the company reacted as expected, like the childish management team we had at that time.

    After about 6 months, we went back to normal. Shortly after that, some of the management team died, many of the others transfered out as we got some new blood in. Those that stayed and could not change, either left or got fired.

    The management team since then for the most part has been great.

    So short term, yeah, you might get some backlash. Long term, with the changes to the system, the unequal and unfair time studies levied, and the nit pick of the whole thing, you will probably be better off without.

    On a personal note to the corp watchers of this site, Bonus was a great idea, like so many that have been implemented at the top. But by the time the system gets prostituted at the front lines..........

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    We prefer the word bastardized ... rather than prostituted.
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    Isn't that what i just said in my post lol

    very good post and i should have put more thought into it

    but i spouted off with personal opinion hazed with a mix of emotion and frustration i wish i was half as articulate as you

    i might be taken more serious but anyway nice post
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    It went out of our center as well

    For UPS, voting it out is a great thing, saves UPS money by not paying the bonus.

    The only reason it ever gets brought up or voted out is pure jealousy by other drivers. If a driver who doesn't make bonus sees those who do, they don't like it. So they get together with the others who don't like it and they try to vote it out. They never make any more money by voting it out, but they cause their fellow drivers money and time.

    It can also never come back.
  7. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    some of the drivers are making bonus by running lunch and brakes and driveways and land speed records

    am i jealous no i am angry because if they did the job properly mayby we could add a run

    not all drivers make bonus this way but a lot do jmo
  8. dannyboy

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    Spoken like a true brown sup.

    Funny thing is though, in our center, over half were making bonus. So why did so many that made it, turn it down?

    Could it be this

    Maybe its what you did to it rather than the actual program itself. But then again, sups never ever screw up anything, do they...........?

    But at your center they voted it out.

    And we know its never coming back.

    And of course the ever famous

    Dear boy, if you really believe the koolaid you have been asked to drink, then riddle me this.

    If it saves UPS a ton of money, and after all, UPS is in the business of making money, then why pray tell do they fight tooth and nail, with lies like you spouted, to keep the issue from being voted out?????? After all, making more money is good, isnt it?

  9. 705red

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    I have a feeling with ups making all of its cut backs this could be the next to get eliminated. And on my new route i do make a little bonus, 2 to 4 hours a week. And i would still vote it out!
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    This is funny, d! It's a little off course here but reminds me of a grievance meeting we had with fdr mngr, fdr supes, labor mngr. After proving that our run being taken away and given to another center was going to cost way more $ (they were taking it away to prove a point and knew WE knew it), the labor mngr said, and I quote, "Nowhere in the contract does it say we HAVE to make money!"

    I stood up and said, "Well, you may have been able to say that a few yrs ago but I'M a stockholder now and I DEMAND that you make money".

    No comment.

    I even remember his name for corp spies lurking on this site and would like to have it.
  11. soberups

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    We would be a better company and provide far better service to our customers if the bonus system nationwide were eliminated.

    Or, make eligibility for bonus contingent upon safe driving, sales leads, or other job aspects that make the business stronger instead of encouraging unsafe, unprofessional or dishonest behavior.

    Full Disclosure; I made about 35 minutes of bonus last week.
  12. Dragon

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    Or, make eligibility for bonus contingent upon safe driving, sales leads, or other job aspects that make the business stronger instead of encouraging unsafe, unprofessional or dishonest behavior.

    Excellent Post soberups
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    We are a bonus center. Only one attempt was made to vote it out and it failed but that was before my time. I don't mind bonus if it's true bonus. And when I say true bonus I mean bonus that was earned while a driver worked by the methods and not by working like a crazed maniac or a coked up junky. Or by working through lunch but keying the lunch in anyway. If bonus were to be voted out here I think some drivers would literally through a fit over it. The same ones that wonder why their stop counts keep going up.

    Management has something to lose by bonus getting eliminated. The center manager gets a bonus based on all the drivers' bonus time. That is why they get a little childish when bonus is voted out.

    The only way bonus will ever be fair or be truly earned is if each center adjusted their DIADs to freeze during lunch periods. Like in California. Until then it's going to continue to be a numbers manipulation game on management's part and the disregard for the methods on the driver's part.

    Well, that's my two cents on the subject. I guess I'm just one of those "jealous" drivers. :wink2:
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    HaHa 16 years in, I dont even know what a bonus center is. I am figuring it is a system based on time studies that gives drivers bonus time for being paid under. Wouldn't work here, we are still running time studies based on routes that have changed over %50. That and the time allowances are a joke anyway. On average everyone here is 1.3 hours paid over everyday, so that is the accecpted number. Kind of makes it a joke if you and me, shows that they understand the time study is off but lets not redo it just adjust what your number goal is.
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    Great post. I wish we had your luck with our management turnover solution.

    Our managers are like herpes, they just will not go away.
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    For the most part, I whole heartedly believe that if you make bonus it is because you may pick up alot of packages at a few stops or work off the clock to make it on the delivery end. To make bonus on the delivery end I have a very hard time believing that is even exists. If it does it most likely won't exist for that long until they tighten down the screws and add that money to their bottom line to give you more stops so they can break out routes in the future! This gives them some flexiblity!

    Bonus is to set a target to see where a driver is at and once it is taken from you they will try to hold you accountable to the numbers or mar that you have set!

    My opinion!
  17. MC4YOU2

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    I asked our BA and he has no idea how to get it put to a vote. Did you guys actually get your mgmt team to put it to a driver's vote or what? What was the process you that got it voted out went through? I think personally it would be good to get rid of. In fact I think it would be awesome to see it go here. If telematics are going to make it harder for the gunners to cheat, this just make sense to me anyway. We are in the process of being given three day rides for being .50 overallowed. So I think this would be a great way of saying "thanks" for everything.
  18. brownmonster

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    Obviously never made bonus
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    In Central States supplement there is a section for misc. provisions that addresses bonus - look for that in your supplement.

    Here, the majority of drivers (50%+1) must all file a grievance within a 3 week period requesting that bonus be terminated. Within one week the union must notify the employer and it is then submitted for JAC approval.
  20. MC4YOU2

    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.

    Thanks ms pac. I'll check it out. Much appreciated.