Reno Feeder Driver Dies Day After Being Walked Off Property.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by anonymous6, Aug 10, 2011.

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    last week 39 yr old driver( not sure if posting is name is good idea) dies day after being walked off property after mgmt questioned him over dis creptency on time card.

    last winter had a tier 3 accident on hwy 70 and ever since has been watched very closely. under tremendous stress, gained a lot of weight etc.

    went to dentist day after being fired and had bad reaction from knock out drug for oral surgery.

    very sad , the service on monday was well attended by UPSers. very well liked guy. quiet.

    this is all the details I have for now.

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    Damn, seems like a read and hear about a lot of stress related deaths from UPS drivers lately. Last year a driver and Portland keeled over and had a heart attack and died during PCM.
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    Very sad. My condolences. I lost a friend last year to the stress of the job. He took his own life. I miss you, Jer.
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    Oh, look. Tie does have a heart. My dog says Hello!
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    R.I.P. driver
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    RIP. Maybe the title should be more like.........dies after dental visit...... The title makes it sound like he was walked out and immediately dropped of a heart attack or something....misleading.
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    Very sad. R.I.P. Condolences to family.
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    maybe not misleading if you took a consensus of the drivers. this guy was walked off monday then called in tues , then walked off again a couple hrs later. and for 8 months or longer it has been a constant life under the microscope and in and out of the office. for every little thing ( told to me second hand )

    that stress probably did not help his heart much. most any driver in reno will tell you that he was a very consciencious driver
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