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    as a union member, i felt the need to share what i saw on your member site. an inaccurate statement appears a number of times throughout. the statement that a member has to go to HR, to make complaints about co workers. this is not true. members must go to their union reps. the union has the duty of fair representation and must do so in any circumstance.
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    Kimi, change your username.

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    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    Has to? They don't have to. They should go to HR if the co worker is a superior. I understand that UPS is trying to take the human element out of HUMAN resources but your statement is not the full truth. The HR department in my building is as good as useless.
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    Fight the good fight

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    Why... there's probably 2 dozen Kim Thompson's in this
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    My name is Kimi
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    That's just your stripper name, though.
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    Kimi touch yo Jimmy
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    there are actually none, not even the OP, just checked
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    Invasion of privacy?
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    well considering there is no one in the system, i can't really invade that persons privacy can i?

    did you even think through what you said before you vomited out that response?

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    PM your real name to me so I can search numerous organizations/groups to determine if you are a member.
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    The Union does have a duty of fair representation.

    But, in matters of employee vs employee.... you need to understand the options.

    Do the actions violate company policy ?

    Or, do they violate the IBT Constitution or Local bylaws ?

    I've seen employees try and file a grievance against another employee.

    You can't do that.

    If you have a beef with another co-worker, it's best for the Local BA

    and Steward to get involved and (attempt to) mediate the problem.

    Once the company gets involved, all bets are off.

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  14. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    I prefer to settle it in a non UPS parking lot off work time. Lol
  15. 22.34life

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    As a steward, 'member vs member' problems are the worse,we are not supposed to snitch on other members but u do encounter problems that must be brought to management attention.
    the problem is that once management gets involved, both employees get the the same treatment no matter who is at fault.
    these are very tricky situations imo always better to never get the company involved.
    ups just wants the problem to go away they care not for who is at fault.
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    I just got involved in a member vs member problem. I mediated the situation to a resolution and the next day the aggressor of the two started on me. I promptly told that person to f--k off . Second problem solved !LOL
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  17. DeadOnArrival

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    Not according to the a active directory lookup in the UPSERS portal
  18. Coldworld

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    Didn't know you could do this??
  19. Coldworld

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    How many of these are because of relationships that have gone sour.... or even two hourly fighting over a supervisors affection, I've seen that one a few times and let me say it hasn't been pretty and the supervisor was the one who got kicked to the door!!!
  20. 22.34life

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    all kinds of different stuff,from actually violence between members to verbal arguments.when this stuff happens it has always been my opinion that this is not a stewards role to be in.most of this stuff ends with both people angry at the steward and u end up in a bad spot.i have long since removed my self from these situations,I am their to represent employees when management issues discipline that is all.