Republican Debate last night 03/07/11..what a crock!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Sep 8, 2011.

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    So I watch the debate last night and it had one common theme as they all have this year. DONT ANSWER A SINGLE QUESTION directly!

    Except for Ron Paul. That guy, well I give him the most credit. He's says it like it is. He is an equal opportunity offender, and I kinda see a little of myself in him.

    The others, same ole nonsense. I thought Rick Perry looked and sounded like a bumbling idiot. His record of job creation is a crock with the most minimum wage jobs in the country. Mitt Romney still trying to flip flop his way on the stage, Rick Santorum sounding like the new nazi party, Herman Cain sounding if he took an overdose of Steve Forbe pills, JOhn Huntsman sounding like he wasnt even there, and good old Michele Bachman trying to change every question into an obama bash because she doesnt have the first clue how to answer a question.

    Lets take the question on immigration. The Question was clear to all of them, but especially Bachman, who had to be asked twice to answer it, "lets assume the fence is built, its under control, what do you do with 11 million illegals who are here then?"

    NOBODY would answer the question! Everyone diverted to some other nonsense about "talking" about it later.

    Where is the leadership among these dorks? Bachman after being asked the second time after a long winded blowhole of obama bashing, said she would have to consider time they were here, there records, where they live and such?

    WTH? (what the heck)

    What happened to the "were tough on illegals"? Where did that go?

    I find it amuzing, that they ALL addressed the border and building a fence from end to end, even though its already a known fact that less than 6% of illegal immigration comes over the border on the south.

    ITs laughable. Im still laughing, NOT ONE of them said anything about overstayed visas contributing to the influx of illegal aliens into this country.. They KNOW, there people watching and who will vote for them NO MATTER WHAT want to HEAR about border fences because THEY TOO are misinformed.

    Its what motivates those people.

    Deflection and Rejection. Last nights debate was a useless display of people wasting their time and ours.

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    I enjoyed the debate. I liked Newt's spunk on putting Brian Williams in his place when Williams was going to set things up for an argument among the debators.
    I like Cain's comment about 10% is good enough for God, so 9% should be good enough for the government.

    It's a Romney - Perry contest. I enjoyed both of them and think either one could beat Obama.
    I know you had to jump and quickly establish this thread with a ridiculous title. What's wrong with Republican Debate without the 'crock' comment.

    About the only candidate I didn't care for was far as having a chance.

    The above is my opinion and I'm happy with what I saw last night and it's nobody's job to belittle my opinion.....they can however express their own thoughts if they have any. (mlk)
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    Well, Jane, if anybody knows about "DON'T ANSWER A SINGLE QUESTION directly", it should be you, huh?

    Amuzing. Yeah, I find the word AMUSING laughable too, Jane.
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    I think we are in agreement. Both Perry and Romney did the best In "show", and the rest are pure knuckleheads. Nobody would answer a direct question. I enjoyed how the moderators made each candidate go at each other for the first time in this republican overload of debates. Unlike the FOXED SPEWS softball lobbing tournament, the questions were tough and most wouldnt answer them directly.

    Michele Bachman came equipted with ther one liners about Obama and ran with them on every question.

    I still want to know what each of them will do with 11 million illegal aliens once they secure the border. Why wouldnt anyone answer the question? I know, and I am sure you all do as well.

    They have NO INTENTION of dealing with illegals, just complain about it. They will blow all the smoke up all your rear ends to try and get elected on tough talk, but as you saw last night, NONE of them has a plan to deal with illegals.

    They just want to "talk" about it some more.

    Isnt the problem that we have talked about it since Reagan gave amnesty to 7 million illegals? Newt agrees.

    You all on this board talk tougher than all the GOP candidates combined. NOT ONE of the candidates has said anything close to what you all have said on this board and that speaks volumes about the direction of the republicans.

    Perry claim that social security is a ponzi scheme was probably the dumbest statement made last night overall. Perry was not a well spoken man, struggled with questions and looked lost at times.

    It wont be long before we see Herman Cain out, then Bachman , then Newt, then Santorum, then Huntsman, then Paul.

    Romney doesnt have to worry about the democrats, he has to worry about the right wing christians who are avoiding him.

    Either way, it was a circus.

  5. moreluck

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    Social Security is just like a pyramid, ponzi or whatever the newest term is.......I agree with Perry. Just like AMWAY !!

    "Is the Social Security system a Ponzi scheme? Texas Governor Rick Perry says Yes, and calls it a "monstrous lie for younger people." Cato Institute's Michael Tanner says Perry was being too kind, and writes: "As with Ponzi’s scheme, when the number of new contributors dries up, it will become impossible to continue to pay the promised benefits." Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby says that's not the point, and points out that "Ponzi schemes are intended to defraud; Social Security was designed to be a social safety net for the old."

    The debate will continue, but the facts in the graph above are crystal clear: the number of active workers per Social Security recipient is declining, and will continue to decline, and the Social Security system is clearly unsustainable. Whether Social Security technically meets the technical definition of being a Ponzi scheme is less important than the fact that the current system has become a Pyramid scheme as the population ages. We will eventually run out of money from active workers, and money from the "trust fund," to pay for the unfunded liabilities due to Social Security recipients." (( Dr. Mark J. Perry))

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    The idea of social security was originally for widows and children of soldiers of WWII. This money was set aside and untouched for decades. IT was expanded to include all seniors later and by the time Ronald Reagan took office, the social security fund was in the black and over funded for years to come.

    Reagan was the FIRST president to ROB the social security fund to offset his losses in the national budget. If you take away the money he robbed from social security his national debt when he left office would have gone from 3.7 trillion to 5 trillion dollars. GH BUSH also robbed the social security fund to offset his losses on the national debt..

    Between those two presidents, they killed the future of social security as the number of working americans would be reduced with there economic programs which allowed companies to leave the USA and eliminate US JOBS.

    Remember, for every job lost overseas, there is one less person paying into social security. Now multiply that by millions of jobs and you can see why we are in a deficit and why social security is in trouble.

    The key to social security is to start employing americans again. The idea that offshoring or outsourcing jobs was good for the country is now a clear crock, and I hope people understand how they were screwed by Reagan , Bush, Bush and the republican party.

    Social security isnt a ponzi scheme, and if the republicans had just left it alone, it would be funded for decades to come.

    There was no scheming involved when Social security was created. The fund was to be untouched. Two presidents stole money from the people of the USA to try and cover their butts out of that fund, then created the environment for business to leave the USA.

    Nobody was thinking down the road during the Reagan or BUSH, BUSH terms. It was business as usual.

    Now the seniors of this country will pay for it. I hope they get used to dog food, as thats all that they will be able to afford in the future.

  7. The Other Side

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    Oh oh, fact checkers make mincemeat out of Romney and Perry.


  8. moreluck

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    We all know how social sec. was started and the way it was to work. I'm talking NOW. There aren't enough entry level into S.S. to take care of all the receivers coming down the pike.

    You can't say, "if only" or "what if the GOP...". That's history. It is what it is now. Now it's a pyramid 'til it's fixed
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    Pyramid? Do you buy everything you hear?

    This wasnt , isnt , and not going to be a pyramid. It was a piggy bank for republicans, and now they want to take the rest of the money and run away with it. Just today on foxed spews, there A team doctor said he thought seniors should pay higher deductibles and higher co pays for prescriptions!


    Is that how the republicans take care of our elderly? Cost them more money as the cost of everything skyrockets for profits?

    Its NOT history, its a fact. The answer is clearly returning jobs to the united states. Getting the ratio for social security back to 1 working person contributing for every 1 person withdrawing is the key.

    The republicans have placed social security in jeopardy over the years by increasing the ratio to 18 people withdrawing from social security for every 1 person contributing.

    There was no "monstrous lie" when social security was created. The "montrous lie" is to FORGET WHO SCREWED up social security. No republican wants to take ownership of stealing from social security, they just want to find clever slogans to avoid responsibility.


    If the republicans are serious about finding jobs, then they will back the president in his programs and employ americans. Once the country gets it going, the private sector will have no choice but to follow suit and the goverment can back out and let the private sector continue the growth.

    If you think we as americans should let the country go down the drain and wait for the private sector to make up its mind and start employing, then dont complain about disaster that will follow.

  10. moreluck

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    I didn't ask for fixes.......i said UNTIL IT'S FIXED, it's a pyramid. Dance around that all you want. It's not fixed. No need to suggest any fixes. I'm telling you that right this moment, here and now, it's presently a pyramid scheme.

    There is no question here. It's a statement. No answer required!
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    Sen Ron Johnson (R) said today, that Previous Congresses stole 2.5 trillion out of social security and placed it where it is today!! And this from a Republican! You on the other hand, want to play the political game of cute names to deflect the responsibility or ownershp in social security's failure.

    Its not a pyramid, its a math problem. 1 dollar in for every 1 dollar out. Easy math problem.

    No cute names, or funny sentences needed. The only fix is to employ americans and place america back into the lead on job creation. Outsourcing jobs may pay a big dividend to stock holders, but it HURTS america and its american workers.

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    I am about halfway through "Decision Points", the George W. Bush memoirs, and he discusses his efforts to fix Social Security, which were misinterpreted as an attempt to privatize SS. The plan that he favored was crafted by Robert Pozen (D) and used progressive indexing, which set benefits to grow fastest for the poorest and slowest for the wealthiest, with a sliding scale for everyone in between. By changing the benefit growth formula, the plan would wipe out the vast majority of the SS shortfall. In additon, everyone would have the opportunity to earn higher returns through personal retirement accounts.

    BTW, this has been a good read thus far. There is a lot more to GWB than the image created by the media.
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    yes Dave I miss him very much:happy2:
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    tv rating list 5.4 million viewers
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    That's about the same numbers of people out of power in CA. & AZ. last night !!
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    Oh man, did you get your power back?

  17. moreluck

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    got it back 8:20 PM last night........SJC and Mission Viejo were still out at that time.
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    I think the tea party operatives cut both the transmission lines that were severed as they did not want their members to see the president speak. =)

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    Thank God for our patriot brothers in AZ. Job well done !!
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    Ttos. Relax and take another sip of Obama's Kool-Aid. You are going to overheat yourself there big fella.