Republicans/Conservatives Can't Reduce Gov't

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 28, 2008.

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    That IMO is a statement of fact but not in my typical way of gooding many of you good republican types. I'm stating it as fact or maybe a question too that even if they wanted too, they couldn't. Why would I even suggest such a thing? Well it has to do with something I just stumbled on and specifically the comments on the lead page at the link below.

    Here's just a taste or maybe for those of us who believe in limited gov't I should say a bad taste!

    If that is just one State, then what has it been like for the nation as a whole? We may in fact be more a huge welfare state than we realize or want to admit but what happens when the tipping point is reached where there are more public sector jobs that consume taxes than there are private sector jobs that are paying in the taxes. Is this another unspoken demographic social security nightmare that no one wants to admit or address?
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    You think you have big government now.Just wait til Obama wins the election.You ain't seen nothing yet...woo-hoo..
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