Republicans holding hands withs big banks.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by unionman, Apr 28, 2010.

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    With American families struggling in the wake of a crippling financial crisis, they want to know that Washington is doing something to protect consumers from exploitation at the hands of the big banks that got us into this mess.

    The Senate bill that Republicans are blocking will provide the strongest consumer financial protections in history, while ensuring that American taxpayers are never again forced to bail out a Wall Street firm "too big to fail."

    Sadly, instead of working to debate and revise the bill, Republicans in the Senate are teaming up with the big banks. In fact, press reports confirm that Republican leaders have been meeting privately all month with Wall Street executives, plotting to weaken the bill. With their votes, it appears they're intent on carrying out that plan.

    But President Obama has made it clear that any reform bill that doesn't go far enough to rein in the big banks is not acceptable. He's counting on us to speak up.
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    the democratics provided us with a "health care reform" bill that now tax's the poor who do not buy health insurance and tax's small businesses that do not buy health care for their employees. In the process they expanded the role and power of the IRS who will be responsible for collecting this tax on the poor and the small business man.

    And now you want us to trust the same idiots to reform finance?
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    If that's the case, then you have nothing to worry about. The poor will vote republican next time.
    And, here I was thinking the poor will get free or subsidized healthcare.
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    True that Democrats can do the Kabuki dance too, but to watch those Goldman guys with "deer in the headlight looks" get MF'ed by the panel was priceless.
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    How about all of the story. The real truth is that this crisis began with Fannie and Freddie. Until there is strong legislation to reign in those two government agencies that the Democrats love --the real "root problem" will not be corrected.
    As others have pointed out --the government getting involved with housing and banking --created the whole mess ---will government fix the mess ?--I doubt it.
    Also the Goldman Sachs hearings are a farce --Obama sleeps with the CEO of Sachs and GE every night --those two companies have laid the groundwork to make billions off of poor working people with cap and trade. :sad-little:
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    You are like a broken record of lies. Health care reform will end up saving the tax payer billions.
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    Not billions, trillions and it'll cost the taxpayer, not save the taxpayer.
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    I wonder if unionman realizes that Goldman Sachs supports the financial reform bill? They say it will be a boost to Wall Street.
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    If you truly believe that, your more gullible then I thought.
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    How much are people that don't have insurance costing the tax payer?
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    The people without ins. go to the E.R. and that's the highest costing treatment for a cold.

    But, that's not the point. The new healthcare bill will cost taxpayers a couple trillion. Obama lied and the bill will not reduce the deficit like he said it would.

    If you are making less than $250,000 (sound familiar?)'s the different part....your taxes will be going up in some form....maybe income tax, maybe sales tax, maybe a VAT...whatever. It's still a lie from a Liar and a racist !!:dissapointed:
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    Can you post a link to this article that you posted per TOS.
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    I am not sure if your reading skills are up to the level of this article, but do your best and let us know what you think...

    In fact, here is a quote from it

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    If that were true why the need to raise trillions in new taxes?
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    You beat me to it. I was gonna add if this were such a great bill why the bipartisan opposition? As it stands now this will give a near monopoly to a chosen few in the ability to insure against mortgage defaults. We do not even need to go into the expansion of powers given to the fed to know this bill should be DOA. In the most basic form this bill is an attempt to take risk away from investment banks and push it solely on the backs of the taxpayers. Why would any working class person support this?
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    No kidding there gonna be for Financial reform. Gee, I wonder why, mmmmm, maybe its because they got caught red handed screwing people over and being one of the major contributers to the worlds financial demise. Try reading between the lines. you just believe what you want to believe in your little mind don't you?
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    It was an email from Obama.
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    Banks will be banks, but Goldman will still be king.