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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ptmays, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Given the tone of UPS' HR mission statement toward educational benefits, I'm kind of confused by this situation. Nearly four years ago when I received my training, a woman from HR came by to answer some of our questions. I wish to advance within the company and am attempting to attain the proper degree in order to this. I expressed my concerns as a student that eventually wished to become a graduate student, that eventually I would need one night off of work each week in order to enroll in graduate courses. She responded: "UPS will do anything we can to assist employees reach their educational goals." Delighted by this response, I've stood by UPS as a great company that gives excellent benefits; good vacations time; decent pay; and hell, time off of work for graduate school. It sounded too good to be true.

    Now, I'm having difficulty taking the time off of work needed to enroll in graduate courses. I've only spoken with my full-time supervisor regarding the time needed from work to enroll in courses, but to no avail, my request was denied. My question is this: Is there any hope that an HR will help me out with this issue? After all, the reason i'm getting this education is to advance within the company - which is supported by UPS' internal promotion mission. For a company that encourages internal promotions and upper-level education, they sure do make it difficult to attain these ends. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Depends on the full timers you are dealing with. Several years ago I had a similar situation. And management allowed me one night off a week. But only for 2 months. Where I see UPS working with students is letting part timers come in later on some nights. Another option is just to call in and go through progression. Not the best option but one none the less.
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    It is completely dependent on who your management is. One summer I managed to get every tuesday off from work for a night class. The next summer we had different management who wouldn't even let me have a 15 min late start one day a week to attend a class that ended close to start time. Everything at UPS is subjective to who the current management is.
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    Last week i asked my shift sup if i could get transferd over to pre laod 1 day a week for an internship at a police departemnt that was 150hr intership for 3credits. He said he couldn't do that but i could miss a day come in late or levae early pretty much what ever i want to do.