Required peak reading for management

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by SignificantOwner, Nov 20, 2013.

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    You have got to be you have time to read a book about conference calls?
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    Yes... during the conference calls.
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    We supposedly have time to take classes on UPS university too.....on how to be a better leader, how about that!
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    My center manager must have skipped that class!
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    I was working 14 hr days when I maybe it has gotten better there. UPS is crazy with the conference they still have them up to 3 times a day?
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    They don't want you to be a better leader...they want puppets, so they can control them. The days of managers making decisions and actually running their own center ended around 2002-2003 , or maybe even a little earlier.
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    A little better, I don't stay that long since it will enhance my day, 11 hours days are my new norm. Conference calls are still 3 times a day. First to go over the morning, second to go over what is happening, and third to go over the DM's call. Oh, wait, fourth, I know there is a fourth, I just have to get that book.
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    ​Earlier ... Corporate just got better tools so the feedback loop on compliance is much better and accurate.
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    Please re-read tip #4.
  11. We would have a 17:00 call where you would give the number of stops left on road and the expected number of 9.5's. Sometimes we would be told that our report was "unexceptable". Not much could be done about that in an extended center after 17:00. The call usually included the "What will you do to prevent this from happening tomorrow" which case you would indict yourself. For those going through peak, stay positive and focused...better times are comming! Best wishes for a good peak.
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    Mgmt here always say that they can't add routes because district tells them how many runs to run. What are you suppose to do? I am all for the local team to have more power in determining the operational needs of their centers.