required to work when dr restriction is not inforced

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    Made to work as a sorter/ bagger for secondary small sort. dr. note modified no lifting arm above sholder high, 15lbs. lifting and no push of pull 40lbs. I have seen where they have treated me as if i wasn't on modified lite duty but now part of small sort, I complied with everything, going to dr therapy all to have a mri that after I recieved the written report and had given it to managment & waiting for someone to evaluate my injury I was made to work anyway, in the mean time my injury was getting worse even though I was doing the work with one arm the best I could, still I pleaded to do something that wasnt causeing me pain and was told there was nothing. but because I had to wait from 4/12/12 to 5/29/12 for my injury to be looked at by an anyone they made me go to. when the results from my mri on 4/12 was finally examined by a dr. my limits were no lifting ,lowereing, pushing, or pulling no repetitive motion over 5lbs. and now awaiting authurization for my pending surgery, i was told to still come in and make racks of baggs for small sort. there is much more but i want to know what is the proper procedure when placed on modified duties . with a torn rotar cuff, frying and ripping of the bisept muscles and a cyistic cysit from fluid being decopressed threw the tare on biscept anchore. all have be in writen form an in managements possesion since 4/12/12.
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    ups managers are NOT doctors.only work within the doctors orders and nothing else.if asked or forced to do anything else,,{this is my opinion only}i would ask for a steward to witness and document,then i would refuse on safety violation.if disciplined i would immediately grieve and go to MY doctor. if you feel pain at any time you should notify mngmnt and document all such discussions.restrictions,limitations,doctors orders,etc are for the healing process....i was on light duty once with a 15 pound restriction,a center manager told me to move some things that were way over 15 lbs.i might could have done it without pain/injury but who knows[im not a dr. neither was he].i asked for a witness and for a signature on his request verifying the statement.long story short,he said forget it,study some safety jargon.
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    Don't do it. When you make the existing injury worse by violating the doctors orders, UPS will blame you for doing so. Get your steward and start filing.
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    you should be put on during the day assisting the OMS with paperwork, or maybe carwash

    a manager who can't find work for someone should rethink his profession
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    Management aren't doctors. No one can make you do something that a professional, medically trained, certified doctor says you shouldn't be doing. Just carry a copy of your work restrictions around so you can always show them what you're treating physician has prescribed. If they proceed to instruct you to go against what is written in black and white, grab a steward and educate said management.
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    If UPS is making you work while under Dr's restrictions, it is up to you to work according to those restrictions. If you are assigned a task, only do what is doable per the restrictions. If you have to, keep a copy of your restrictions with you to show a supe.

    Hopefully your surgery goes well and you are able to come back to full duty. If not and you did not follow the restrictions, you can bet that UPS will fight that saying, "lin4real did not follow Dr instruction/restriction, not our problem."

    Good luck to you.
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    Take time off for recovery if you cant do your job properly. They are not going to force you to work if they know you are injured, and it wont benefit them. But you cant show up and not do your job saying, "im injured!"
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    The OP is on "light duty" and is being asked to perform tasks beyond the scope of the doctor's note. I am sure he is working "light duty" as he has bills to pay and comp does not pay the bills.