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  1. I have been thinking about it and it seems like I can't hang onto UPS anymore longer than I already did. I really wanted to make a career out of driving for UPS, but being a preloader with a secondary part time job kills me physically. Yes I know, if I can't handle this situation now, I probably won't be able to handle becoming a driver. I have been told that driving for UPS can be a perfect gig for someone but it can also be a gig that isn't. A lot of drivers from my building told me that if I'm planning to quit I should do it on the spot and not drag it out for a week, 2 weeks or a month. I also have a question, if anytime in the future that I think I might be physically and mentally prepared for UPS again, would I be able to re-apply for the job?
  2. upschuck

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    Depends on how long you have in, and how you quit, and your work ethic when you did work.
  3. PT Car Washer

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    A driving job isn't for everyone. I would rather make less money and be happy then be miserable 5 days out of the week.
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    Plus, if you quit, you start totally over, from day 1. If you do quit, get a withdrawal card and complete it.
  5. 6 months in, informed my supervisor, I tend to call-in sick more than usual(once a week or every 2 weeks) but was quick and good on my loads

    That is what I'm thinking too but I would love to make 6 figures in a year. I was also told by a employee who works inside the building that he rather make less money and actually have his kids know who he is and not someone who they see every now and then.
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    UPS is for the physically strong & strong minded, not weak in both categories. Many people whom I know of work 2 jobs counting UPS as 1 and seem to manage just fine; But if you can't handle it then hey, you can always quit and come back I would assume. & yes, FT driving is a SUPER huge gig. Good luck to you @UltimateParcelService
  7. upschuck

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    Six months, won't have a chance, gotta have a year, from what I understand. Calling in that often won't help you get rehired, you quit, you are gone forever.
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  9. Brownslave688

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    everyone gets a trophy and this is what we end up with.
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  10. I think it's just the crappy starting time and pay that's really unsettling. I still need to complete the paperwork for the resignation, would I still be able to turn around if I choose not to fill it out?
  11. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    It is not official until you turn it in, or quit coming to work, and they terminate you. You should be fine, it is all talk right now.
  12. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Could hold up your last pay check.
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  13. Brownslave688

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    Only on days that end with a y
  14. Dr.Brown

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    6 months away from benefits....

    Do you like paying for insurance?
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  15. Good point.
  16. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Probably on mom and dads for another 4-5 years
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  17. JL 0513

    JL 0513 Well-Known Member

    You call out once every week or two? You shouldn't have had a chance to quit, you should've been fired months ago. In 9 years with UPS, I've called out maybe 5 times.

    Oh, and this isn't a "resignation". You're quitting a part time job. Don't expect to be hired back.

    If you are having these doubts now about waiting to drive, quit now. The more you get invested into the conpany, the harder it is to leave for something else. Many of us waited patiently for over 5 years busting our balls PT for the chance to drive. When you have years vested, you don't want to throw it away.
  18. Covemastah

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    Nailed it Bslave
  19. nystripe96

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    Ask yourself this question. Which of your current PT jobs have better long term career prospects. UPS or your other job?