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    Since there is no General Discussions forum, and the thread that triggered this is closed, I will post this here.

    This will probably be my only post in this thread, as I am not asking a question nor have anything else to add. If you do not have a relevant or constructive comment, I suggest you keep it to yourself and let the thread die.

    I'll preface this with two quotes from the recently closed thread. I am not looking to continue the topic previously discussed. Please do not argue here.

    Respect goes both ways. If you treat new forum members like crap, what do you expect in return? Respect? Respect is earned, not through age or seniority, but based on the words that come out of your mouth, or in the case of the Internet, the words you type.

    Many of the old timers on this forum deserve no respect. The crap that oozes out of their minds is no better the crap that oozes out of management's mouths. Their comments are as imbecilic and "trollish" as those from the new members they bash. They show no respect to new members, yet demand it in return.

    This a public forum - not just a resource for potentially useful information, but a place where people come to talk. A new member asks a question that has been asked a thousand times before him. So what? He's here because most of us work at UPS, and he wants to talk. Rather than disrespecting that person, how about you consider not responding to the thread? What a novel concept. Save that for someone who does want to respond accordingly. There are plenty of people here who do not mind answering the same question(s) fifty times.
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    I absolutely agree with you. They treated me like crap and didnt even give me a good welcome here. So I decided to return the favor. If they had treated me like a person, I would have treated them back with mutual respect.
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    No comment
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    I'm singing the song in my ready while I read.

    R. E . S. P. ...
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    Well said.

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    Taking the high road goes both ways.
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    I've got sinus drainage and maybe bronchitis so I feel like Aretha Franklin is sitting on my chest.
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    Respect: first you give it, then you get it. That's what most people don't get. Something I hear repeated more often than I'd like, "I'll respect him once he shows some respect to me." When two people share this alpha mentality while reality has the both of them filling a beta role, there's always going to be conflict.

    I got around this by being respectful to everyone from Jump Street, and simply not respecting those that have proven themselves unworthy through past actions (I realize that sounds high and mighty but I couldn't think of a more appropriate term). The catch, though, is if I see someone dickin' around someone else, I take it to heart for myself. I remember how they carried themselves while interacting with others and I keep that knowledge with me for my own future dealings with that person. I wouldn't call it holding a grudge, it's more like a proactive defense mechanism to protect myself from getting into a situation where I might lose control of my rational thought processes and get into trouble. I don't need anymore trouble in my life, lol.
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    Respect is earned, and yes, it goes both ways. But someone new to a forum needs to tread lightly. Keep in mind that this is the internet...people are going to be unhinged because they can. Also, there is a level of forum etiquette that people should follow. If it seems like it would be a common question, use the nifty search function. You don't go to a car performance forum and your first post be "What's the best fuel to use".

    But yes, I agree that long time members should probably be a bit easier on the newbies. Granted, I personally never got any flack when I started posting here just because I was new. So sometimes we need to step back and look at maybe why a particular person was not getting respect before we blame it on the vets. There's a reason for it, I'm sure. Just look at Kapadouche's post history for an example of what not to do. But he is an extreme case, and probably just a fake account for the sole purpose of trolling and causing problems. Why mods haven't banned the account yet is beyond me....
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    Because the loss of quality entertainment would hurt the forum?
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    I will offer the same advice I gave to members when they use to complain about tieguy.

    Replying to a troll or similar type poster is exactly what they want and the desired behavior.

    I have not replied to kappa and if others did not, he would go away.
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    I don't feel the need to teach someone something their parents and elders should have taught them in their formative years. Respect is earned. If they want to act in a certain way they'll get treated in a certain way. I'm all for letting natural consequences take their toll.
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    Or on your face perhaps ?....BC
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    ​I was wondering who was going to go there?
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    I see, it's all about you.:devil3:
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    Yawn. Old man rhetoric. This isn't some "code of the Samurai" type ish. Just because you are older than myself, doesn't mean I am supposed to grovel at your throne. Seniority has gone to the heads of a lot of drivers. We really aren't a "true" union.
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    Whew! This kappa business is getting to me; I thought you were being funny and made a funny by typing troll! Enough about trolls, already!
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    its an old rule of thumb, show respect to get respect ... thats just the way it is,,, young old doesn't matter when you are new to somewhere or in a new group sit back show respect to those who are there. And as long you have shown that you are an asset respect will be shown to you. There are those older employees who think they are better than the younger guy and will never respect them (they are the few) and sooner or later you just say F them and move on...And then there is the young guy (lately more than the few)who does't give crap about respect but demands respect from everyone for nothing.,,They think they are better than the rest, cannot be told anything. So you say F them and move on and watch them make the mistakes and burn out or not show up because its too hard... Respect is a personel choice to is allot easier when it is given and received .... Its allot harder when you go through life thinking someone owes you something for doing absolutely nothing..Old and young have problems with this word, all you can do is worry how you conduct yourself and treat others accordingly,.
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    I wasn't, out of respect to you.