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    Dear sisters and brothers,
    By voting no on the first contract proposal our bargaining power with UPS has increased. This added leverage has allowed UPSers to make improvements to the TeamCare plan beyond what was ratified in the National Agreement. IBT said this was impossible. Changes were made. Changes to the plan which are better for all UPS Teamsters. Let's not stop with health care improvements. Continue to vote no until other critical issues are resolved. These issues are as follows: more full time jobs, eliminate 4 year progression clause, better starting pay for part timers, language that protects feeder drivers, fix the broken grievance procedure and stop harassment and excessive overtime. We have been inundated with health care improvements. They seem to be good improvements but need further review. However, those changes are not the only important points of interest. The issues listed above are just as critical. For the second vote IBT has made health care changes and minor wage increases the FOCAL POINT for the second vote. There is no mention of the other changes that are so very important to all of us. If you remember nothing else from what I've written, remember this, a second no vote will give us leverage to address the other changes we need.
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    While changes to Teamcare may have occurred, they have nothing to do with UPS.
    The Teamsters can make any changes they want to to Teamcare and UPS has no say so in those changes.
    Were you serious?
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    I have the same health insurance I've always had. Mine won't change. I don't see anything else being that critical.
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    Maybe a sociopath??
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    I love the way the union sends out a letter congratulating on doing something they could have done all along. Keep up the good work. Make them aware of what you want and if it means voting no vote no. Dont back down they are suppose to be looking out for whats best for us anyway, right?
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    The point the poster was making was NOT to define UPS as being the party that was affected the most by the NO vote, and rather, it was to point out to all the members that the NO VOTE brought about positive change.

    That positive change came in the form of INCREASED benefit levels, something the poster correctly points out that the IBT had NO intention of creating.

    Had it not been for the courage of the NO voters, the initial P.O.S. benefit levels that the IBT tried to force us into would have become the law of the land for us in the west/southwest.

    The second point the poster was making was simple. Why stop with just improving health care? Why not readdress the 9.5 issue, the technology issue, the full time job issue, the feeder issue, the outsourcing issue?

    There are still issues other than health care that concern all the members.

    The two parrots on this board pretending to represent teamsters tried for months to recommend a YES vote and they have both been owned by the NO voters.

    What the members need to understand is that this "fight" isnt over with the teamsters. They have merely "tabled" the fight for 5 years and we will once again be forced to address health care and other issues again.

    The difference next time, is that "We" the members will take back the Union from the establishment and form a new United leadership nationwide and fight harder for the members.

    What more do the members need to see from the incumbent officers now? Give away leadership.

    Concessionary thinking.

    Thats about to change. Locals everywhere are seeing this movement grow. People are stepping up all over the country to challenge their leaders and hopefully take over and bring about a new direction.

    Those dumbF*&#s who continue to praise this contract as some form gospel have another lesson coming in the upcoming months.

    This agreement and its changes will NOT save the southwest local leaders who are being challenged.

    Hoax, try not to misinterpret what posters say. I think I spelled it out for you.


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    It's a good thing that UPS wasn't trying to make the UPS Teamsters start fighting with their Union! UPS has dealt with Labor issues for a long time, they would never have wanted the IBT to be under the gun to fix the Healthcare issues... Also an interesting side note; during the first quarter of 2013, the Union leadership was the only thing standing between Hourly workers and the bad deal UPS wanted to give them. The Union was the only protection you had. But a few months later they can't be trusted to administer your Healthcare?
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    I marked REFUSED on the letter, tossed it in an envelope back to IBT, and asked them to get my Local off its ass to update their damn website from 2010.

    Not a tree hugger but between Twitter, SMS subscribing, email, and (updated) websites we should have the information available to us SAME DAY, not via snail mail.
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    I'm sorry ... please forgive me.

    I simply read his leading statement, "By voting no on the first contract proposal our bargaining power with UPS has increased."

    I don't know how I could have been so mistaken.

    Again, my apologies.
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    You silly lad, you obviously don't possess the powers of divinity TOS has.
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    I appreciate your response to my post. My point is that the other issues will impact our futures also.
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    I was wrong. Charlie Sheen on coke.
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    I totally agree with YOU....

    This Contract it is not just about Medical benefits, And although (Fictitional at this point) improvements has been made to the spreadsheet in regards to the medical coverage. I would suggest you to read ARTICLE 34 OF THE UPS master agreement for 2013-2018.
    It is not! by any means beneficial to Any teamster. This contract REVISION MUSt be REJECTED AGAIN. VOTE NO!