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  1. fxdwg

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    I watched an interesting TV show about the post WWII era of the great retail stores; specifically Sears.
    I recall several that are no longer around:

    Montgomery Ward
    W.T. Grant
    Two Guys (from Harrison)

    anyone remember any others?

    BTW..Anyone can reply to my thread. I have no "rules".:peaceful:
  2. ajblakejr

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    Mend my broken heart but I miss you...
    Marshall Field's

    These are gone with no loss in my heart...
    Treasure Island
  3. cachsux

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    Shoppers Fair
  4. pickup

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    Yep, I remember "Two guys", that was always the punchline about someone's parents. Hey did you hear that Richard's parents opened a store and named it after themselves? Richard - my parents didn't open no store." "Sure ,they did, it's called TWO GUYS." Richard -"Yo man , don't be talkin' bout my mom like that."

    AJ mentioned Gimbels , I remember that as well as a store called "Alexander's."

    I also remember a chain of stores called "KORVETTES" (department stores).

    And in the new york area, we had stores such as "TSS" stores which was short for Times Square Stores, Crazy Eddie, The Wiz which became bigger when Crazy Eddie went belly up. When "The Wiz" stores went belly up, Circuit City filled the void . Now Circuit City is gone.

    And my favorite - Mays stores (ny area) - loved the jingle - "Everyday's a sales day at Mays"
  5. moreluck

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    We used to have Robinson-May here in California and I miss them !!
  6. dilligaf

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    We had Yellow Front here.
  7. over9five

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  8. Big Babooba

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    Bradlees, Filenes, G Fox. I miss Spags
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    There used to be a store in Utah called Skaggs.....I always thought that was a weird name for a store.
  10. klein

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    For those of you that have ever visited Canada :

    Eatons (which was once Canada's largest department store chain), is gone since 1999. However, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary still have malls named after it, even though they no longer exist (called Eaton Centers). Even in Edmonton, the new name of the downtown mall (city center mall) hasn't really caught on yet. Most still call it the Eaton Center.

    Woodwards, another huge department chain, also went under.
    But, yet, still has roots in Vancouver where it all began. The store no longer exist, but the building is now a historic site, and they finally added the huge "W" sign (newly manufactured), back where it belongs. see:

    And, just like you, we lost Woolworth as well.

    `The Bay` the oldest Department Store in North America !, ( started from fur trading ), full name `Hudson Bay Company`, was sold to a Mr. Zuckermann :
    On 16 July 2008, it was announced that Hudson's Bay Company (the parent company of the Bay) had been purchased by the US firm NRDC Equity Partners, which owns Lord & Taylor. The new combined multinational corporation is called Hudson's Bay Trading Company

    It still does exist... actually, the only, official supplier of Olympic Clothing (no where else can you buy it, other then `the Bay`!

    But, it`s American owned now.
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    Gosh.... I think I'm showing my age. I recognize a lot of these business names. Is ACME still around (grocery store)
    I recall Korvette's because as a 12 year old some fishing weights jumped into my pocket without my knowledge and authorization and the "Store Dick" grabbed me!!!
    That was in NY Moreluck.....a long time ago. Bad deal, but great memory (yeah right, grabbed for shoplifting is a great memory)!

    Young and dumb, I guess.
  12. pickup

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    Look , covermaster, over, and big babooba shopping at bradlees
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    We used to have a chain around Atlanta called Rich's too. It was a good quality department store with great service when I was growing up. They were bought out by Federated and the name changed to Macy's. We don't shop there anymore.
  14. PT Stewie

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    Bamberger's Department Store

    By Bill Newman
  15. moreluck

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    I grew up with my mom shopping at ACME on North Hill in Akron Ohio. It's closed down now. We also had an A&P and a Kroger.
  16. iowa boy

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    Around here we had a Hinky Dinky, a Piggly Wiggly, and a Safeway. All grocery stores.

    I can remember the Crazie Eddie commercials that pickup mentioned is his post.
  17. klein

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    Safeway is still huge in the west (western Canada, too). In the east, they bought up all these stores, that now belong to the safeway group.


    Safeway Inc. is one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America based on annual sales of over $27 billion. The company currently operates 1,529 stores in the United States and Canada, and currently has approximately 165,000 employees
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