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    I need help. I'm from Ohio and am thinking of retiring to California where my daughter moved to last July.She lives in Santa Barbara but home and condos are too far above my budget. I hope to get about 225,000 for my home in Ohio so I need to know what communities I can afford and are safe to live in, in the 200,000 to 275,000 range. I've seen homes online in Ventura and Oxnard in that range but don't know if these are nice areas.Where does the average middleclass UPSER live?
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    I don't know about the whole state, but in S. CA. 200,000-275,000 gets you a small condo in a so/so neighborhood.

    It's definitely sticker shock, even since home prices have come down a lot.

    I am also originally from Ohio, but moved a few places before coming to California......building up equity along the way. Final move to CA. was with UPS and they had a 5 yr. plan where they helped with the mortgage payments and we gradually got the whole payment in our laps. Without that program, I don't think we could've made it.

    Good luck in your search. Lake Elsinore & M Valley have lower priced homes and are easily accessible to the I-15. Not close to Santa Barbara though. Lower prices are in Riverside & San Bernardino counties.

    I don't know the L.A. and north areas.
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    Thanks, moreluck, I'll check out those ares you mentioned.
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    Keep in mind that in California, "closeness" is a relative term. With our gigantic freeways, we go everywhere......even if it is at 4AM to avoid traffic.

    Anywhere in CA. is still going to be closer than a 3 day drive from Ohio to CA.

    I've seen new homes in Victorville (high desert) advertised for 250-300,000........right off the I-15.

    To get the exact home you have in Ohio, you'd be looking at 2-3 x more.

    Remember to take into consideration the "other expenses" some of which might be more or less than Ohio. In OH., we didn't use to pay property taxes every year when licensing our cars. In CA. we do. It's based on the make & age of your car. Heck, we used to pay $20 for a license plate in OH. (been a long time).

    Ca. property taxes are quite high (IMO).....but not as bad as Hawaii's. I believe sales tax is 7 3/4% depending where you live.

    Wish I could help you more. Living in CA. has been like living in paradise to me. I "pay" for the beauty I see everyday with the flowers along highways instead of dirt and discarded cans. I also pay for the perfect moderate weather I enjoy......lots of sunny days and not that "gray" stuff that Ohio has so much of.......and don't even get me started about snow.

    We tossed our studded tires the day we moved from Utah to CA. Good luck!
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    I wouldnt recommend Riverside or the surrounding. I had a friend of mine that moved out there, and some relatives that all said its not a great area to live in. Plus its rediculously hot there all the time
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    I would sell my house in Ohio, put the money in a secure money market or bond or something, then travel around California and see what is available. Right now is the time to buy, because prices have dropped. Housing prices probably won't be this low ever again once the market recovers. A lot of pressure on you right now. Santa Barbara would be nice, but I think Oprah if the only that can afford to buy around there now. Anyway, I would advise looking around a little bit before you make a snap decision. And you are going to love California. I moved from Illinois and have never looked back. Soon you will be wearing shorts year round (and not UPS brown shorts!) and flip flops like a native. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the heads up on Riverside, cgrant. I'd like to stay north of LA. I have been searching condo listings in Sima Valley and Thousand Oaks that are in my price range and the pictures look nice. All have about a $300 hoa fee, but wonder what the property tax would be. I pay $3300 a year in ohio now plus sales tax in Cuyahoga County is 7.75%. We also only pay for our auto plates about $54 per year
  8. helenofcalifornia

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    Property taxes are 3% of the house sale price, if I am not mistaken. And a result of these relatively low taxes, schools in California suck. Good things your kids are all grown up so they don't have to go to our schools. I really think you are going to have a difficult time finding a house in California for your price. You might want to think of getting a part time job to cover the difference so that you can get a better quality house in a better neighborhood. Welcome to California! JMHO. (Just my humble opinion)
  9. downshifter

    downshifter New Member has house prices on a map, and you click the "forclosure" button on the left to see what's bank owned. You can also check the price of homes recently sold, and the history of the sales price on that home.

    Googlemaps has street view for all of Southern California, where you can virtually "drive" down the street looking at the neighborhood.

    Forclosures have gone for $200-$250k for a fixer-upper, but the banks are buying them, making repairs and putting them back on the market in my area (Rancho Cucamonga).

    The problem with forclosures is that usually you can't inspect prior to bidding. Frustrated owners losing their homes are thrashing them, and selling upgrades like marble countertops and appliances before they go.

    $250k may be possible for a condo/townhome, but the neighbors in low-priced complexes are questionable.

    There are bargains, but mostly on newer homes (2004 and newer) in Temecula / Murrietta where the builders sold with flaky loans, and entire developments are ghost towns.

    Another option may be mobile home parks, but the pad fees are at least $500 / mo.

    Anyway, check the sites I mentioned, and judge for yourself.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks For The Info Downshifter, I Checked Out That Web Site And It Lead Me To A Site For New Homes In The San Jacinto Area. 1600sq. Ft. For 200,000. I Requested More Info To Be Sent To Me, Hope Its All That It Appears To Be. Thanks Again!
  11. moreluck

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    It's 111 degrees in that area today !!

    Hemet is out there too and full of +55 communities with homes $200-300,000. Hovnanian(builder) comes to mind with a community in Hemet & Beaumont. One of our neighbors here in San Clemente bought a home in Hemet as a getaway home because they like the desert.
  12. dokoch

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    I did come across a new development in Beaumont that was also in my price range. I did find it amazing the temp. difference inland. From looking at the map I guess your getting close to Death Valley.
  13. moreluck

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    In Southern CA pretty much anywhere inland 6-10 miles will be hot in the summer..

    I used to live in Mission Viejo and the temps there were 12-14 degrees warmer than San Clemente and it's only 10-15 mins. away. The difference is that I'm closer to the ocean now.
  14. OldUPSDriver

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    There are some properties in Carpenteria Ca that might be worth looking at. I did see some under $300K.
  15. dacaligirl

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    I grew up in a little town north of Santa Barbara. It is called Lompoc. It is about an hour north of Santa Barbara. Houses are reasonably priced. It is a quaint little town a good place to retire.
  16. moreluck

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    "The United States Penitentiary (USP) in Lompoc, California, is a high security facility housing male inmates. It is part of the Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex (FCC). An adjacent satellite prison camp houses minimum security male inmates.
    USP Lompoc is located 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles, adjacent to Vandenberg Air Force Base."

    The prison would deter me from moving there now.
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    But maybe he could get a job there. Or Vandenburg AFB. When I lived in Socal, we could count on some good rainbow contrails when they launched their missiles from there. I beg to differ, Moreluck, but Lompoc might be a good answer to this man's dilemma. I haven't heard of any escapes from there recently.
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    You should contact a realtor in the area and have them look into bank owned properties and quick sales for you. Since the market has been going down all the people that spent $500,000-$800,000 with an adjustable rate or with an interest only loan are losing their homes. You can get them are pretty low prices if you know where to look.
  19. rod

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    Why would you want to move to a state that is suppose to fall into the ocean anytime now?:wink2: