Retiree Coverage Promised To Husband But Now He Is Disabled

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Laura French

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I'm not sure if I'm in the correct place but I need help and can't get it. My husband was not a union employee so I don't know if I'm I should be here. My husband was at UPS for 36 years. Once he was in management he was always told Aetna will always be your primary insurance until you are 65. My husband worked his tail off riding with drivers and I can't count the number of times he missed holidays and family functions for UPS. In his later employment he was moved to safety and security. Still working over 40 hours a week. My husband began to develop foot problem as he is diabetic. He already worked for years missing 2 toes. He went to the doctor numerous times and was advised to stay off his feet but kept working because we needed insurance. In November of 2016 UPS sent my husband to Amazon to work as a " loaned executive" at times he walked over 5 miles a day. Eventually he could not do it and returned back to Knoxville. He ended up going out on disability and as you all know after 365 days you can be terminated. My husband ended up retiring on April 30 2017 as he was 55 and has 36 years. In the meantime it was suggested he apply for disability which he did not think he could get. He did end up getting. It went back to June 2016 even though he retired April 2017. Now after being assured my husband would be covered until 65 he is being told he should have picked Medicare part b because he is disabled. He called UPS benefits and was told there was no reason to pay for Medicare b when he had coverage thru his employer. Now Aetna is telling my husband he should have applied for Medicare when he could have and since he didn't they aren't paying anything. We went as soon as they told us this and signed up for Medicare b but it won't pay until July 1st. I've called Aetna to explain this and they say it has nothing to do with when we are now eligible. It is when we became eligible and if my husband didn't sign up too bad. Theu are paying nothing. My husband is an amputee, with.diabetes, he is also missing 3 toes which he managed to do his job anyway

He retired thinking he had these benefits

Now we have no benefits and they are taking back what they paid last year. Can anyone please help us.

Thank you to anybody who can.


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Nobody on a forum is going to be able to help you. Calling HR will not help you.

I feel for you, but even a lawyer may not be able to help you, although that is probably your best option.

Most people assume that you're covered under UPS retiree Insurance until age 65. That's not necessarily so. You're covered under the retiree Insurance until you become eligible for Medicare.

For most of us, that is 65 or 66 or 67, whatever it is for younger people. But if you're disabled, you become eligible for Medicare ight away and UPS can drop your insurance because you became eligible for Medicare.

HR may not necessarily have lied to you when they told you you don't need to pay for Medicare when you're covered under UPS retiree insurance. They probably just didn't know any better because they're dumber than a box of rocks.

Your husband probably should have checked with somebody who knows better before he made that decision to not pick up Medicare.

I'm not really blaming him, but he trusted HR? He worked there for 36 years. He knows better.

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When I retired which was before the age of 65, I was covered by Aetna. When I turned 65 I applied for Medicare Part A and B. After a short while I received a letter from Aetna saying I was not allowed to have a Supplement Insurance and I had to cancel it immediately. Then, 2 months later Aetna sent another letter saying my insurance would cease immediately because it was only good till age of 65 so it would be retroactively cancelled to when I turned 65 which was 7 months previously. You are required to apply for Medicare within 6 months of turning 65 so I could not apply for Medicare. After numerous calls to UPS and Aetna, I got absolutely nowhere. So I contacted the U.S. Dept of Labor. You wouldn't believe how fast it was resolved. UPS even sent a letter stating my coverage with Aetna would be for 8 months after turning 65 so I wouldn't have problems obtaining Medicare. You might want to contact the U.S. Dept. of Labor. Worked for me.
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