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  1. Where can I get info on the retirement plan. I was a preloader for 7 yrs. I now have 12 yrs. driving , does my 7 yrs still count for a half yr. or did they vote to give me full yrs. on my part time.
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    It's different in each region. Contact your region office and request a plan book and website address. All your questions are addressed in the region specific information. For ours all pt and ft years count after reaching 500 hours in each year. No half years. Hope that helps.
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    You need to look at your pension plan. After 19 years you sould have got something about you pension.
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    Check your supplement and with your HR. In my area part time medical and pension are all through the company, and those years do not count towards your full time pension. The company pays you $55 per month for every year you worked part time, so you would get $385 a month from the company in addition to whatever you get from the union for your full time years.
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    I emailed UPS for retirement info at the link below. I am in Central States. I received a huge packet of legal writings. Good Luck!!
  6. Thanks guys I am on vacation so I will get on the phone first thing in the morning...
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    Don't worry about your retirement obama has a plan for you, he has to take over the health care plan first, retirement plan next year.
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    Chances are your 7 years are in the UPS pension plan and your 12 years is in the Teamster pension plan. 2 seperate plans . 13 years to go for your 25 and out(if your local has 25 and out).
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    was it helpful ??
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    UPS part time years have never counted towards full time years. Where did this whole thing start? I am really sick of hearing fellow UPSERS talk about getting 1 year of full time pension credit for their 2 years of part time. Somebody please confirm. It would be great but its just a UPS pension dream that lives on. It would be nice if the union could just send out a letter and put the myth to rest. I work in a large Hub and I hear people constantly talking about this issue and it annoys the hell out of me because I wish it were true!
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    I coworker retired last year. Had 4 years part time and 30 driving. He got the 3 grand a month from the union and gets 100 something from the company for the part time years. The part time years do not count toward the 30 and out.
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    After 2013, any future retiree with decades of service, in Central States, will need more than luck.
    Thanks for sharing the link.
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    Wow, $55 for part time? That's the same as our full time pension in Canada!...Yes, I am being serious for a change :biting::angry: