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Simple formula to calculate retro check:

TOTAL INCOME AFTER AUGUST 1 multiplied by .7 divided by straight time hourly wage = Retro check amount

Of course the formula would have to be modified if you were in progression, and would not work for pay gained from grievances, workers comp or disability pay.

There is no need to do the tedious work of figuring out exact amount of straight time and overtime worked since this is already reflected in the total earnings and will be reflected in the back pay using a simple formula:

I made about $64,000 working as a driver since August 1, 2018 at $36.19 per hr.

So $64,000 X $.70 divided by $36.19 = $1,238 gross Retro check so far

Look up your pay back to August on upsers

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Some of us got phat ass grievance money, so you gotta subtract that also as my violations occurred before August 1 but were paid this year.

Got another check coming for them being stupid last month.