Return of bill heightens union threat to FDX

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    Return of bill heightens union threat to FedEx - Financial Times

    FedEx this week faces the return of a bill that could escalate a lobbying war with organised labour and rival United Parcel Service.

    US congressmen plan to reintroduce legislation this week that would authorise funding for the country’s aviation regulator, containing a provision that targets only one company, FedEx, and its ability to keep more of its express delivery employees from organising.

    If the bill succeeds, the provision would strip the company’s express delivery division of its rights to bargain under the Railway Labor Act, meaning the company could no longer block FedEx Express workers from organising at a local level.
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    Let's hope that Smith can't pull another fast one like he did back in 1996. He is pure slime, and should be in jail for paying-off politicians. We love you Fred, just like we love the intestinal flu, or a boil on our butts. Here's hoping you've just wasted another few million on Congress members who won't deliver for you this time around.
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    OK Mrs WifeOfFedexManager...what you got to say about that!