Returning after 2 year injury

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  1. hseofpayne

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    I was injured in an on the job car accident 2 years ago. I have had shoulder surgery and 2 level cervical spinal fusion surgery. I am about 3 months post neck surgery, still going through physical therapy. I would like to know if any of you have gone through such an ordeal and if you know what comes next as far as returning to work goes. I figure there must be some sort of test I have to pass after Dr. releases, well if he releases me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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    What kind of work are you doing? Well one thing is youre probably going to work through some sort of pain always, youre back probably become arthritic and in the cold its going to get worse. Its def something you should be able to come back from, my suggestion would be after phys therapy keep working out your injured areas, swimming probably would be best low impact on the back and a good shoulder work out
  3. raceanoncr

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    Well, here's my deal but keep in mind, it ain't as serious as yours.

    Had one knee surgery, no Co Drs release, just show up.

    Had other knee surgery, no Co Drs release, just show up.

    Had one cervical neck fusion, no Co Drs release, just show up.

    Just come back from total hip replacement, no Co Drs release, just show up.

    Still sore, but it's obvious no ones cares.

    Good luck!
  4. dannyboy

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    A bit different here than races path.

    After mine, the physical therapist put me through a half a days testing. Every bit of 4 hours. Not very tough tests, but testing none the less. Mostly dealing with upper body things, when it was my knees that were the problem. And to see if I could handle 8 minutes on my knees (still dont know what that would prove.)

    Anyway, the paperwork went in, and I went back to work one day. Friday. Knees were swollen so bad on Sat that I couldnt bend either leg. Went to see the company doc on wednesday, took one look and took me out of service.

    Interestingly, the Liberty Mutual "case nurse" was there and he asked her for a detailed job discription. She riffled though her paperwork, and found it. He went through the list and marked what I could and could not do. Found out later, when I got a copy of the actual form that he wrote on, that she had tried to pass me off as feeder, not delivery.

    I thought that was very dishonest, but as a result, he even disqualified me from doing any feeder work.

    In your case, it would be hard to say what will happen.

    My suggestion to you is keep detailed notes. What ever does happen will affect you more than any one else, and when it comes to note taking, they do. And so should you. Nothing like being able to look at some paperwork a year from now to remind yourself of the conversation at the doctors office. Or even at work.

  5. cachsux

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    I was out for 18 months (12 and 6) collectively for my right arm. I got some good advice at the start and went to an orthopedic specialist as my doctor which was helpful as his judgment overruled the initial company doctor/dry cleaner/hot dog stand UPS made me visit. I was also a bit lucky as every time UPS sent me to one of their specialists for a second opinion they agreed with my doctor. After each surgery it was my doctor that cleared me for work and back I went.
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    I just returned to work 3 weeks ago after being out for 27 months with back surgery. They did not require a test before I returned, just a note from my doctor.

    My doctor wanted me to work four hours per day for the first two weeks so they put me on the preload for two weeks.

    I started driving this past Tuesday. Went out with a sup the first two days. Over 12 the first day, over 10.5 the second, over 11 the third, and I finally had a 9.5 day Friday.

    My back feels great but the rest of my body is exhausted.
  7. hseofpayne

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    Raceanoncr: thanks for the info. My injuries were on the job, workers comp. I have heard I will have to take something called a FCE, functional Capacity Exam, don't know what it is. Lawyers involved, too;complicated.
  8. hseofpayne

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    Thanks Dannyboy. I have been out 2 years, and in the beggining, UPS tried to prove I wasn't really that hurt, I had to get lawyers to get tests I needed. Now I have a feeling I am going to have to prove I am not to damaged to work!!! Good advice on record keeping, I have a file drawer set aside for all my paperwork, plus I send copies to my lawyers.
  9. hseofpayne

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    Thanks Cachux: I had to change doctors twice, first one was the quack industial medicine doc. He said I just had a neck and shoulder strain. Next was an ortho doc who said I had rotator cuff damage and 2 herniated discs but he felt like there was nothing at UPS that could make it worse!!! Finally found a great ortho doc practice with drs. specializing in shoulders and anothr doc who did spinal surgery. I had same experience with second opinions, and all that did was draw out the process. I hope I can make it back but a lot has changed in 2 years, GPS and such!
  10. hseofpayne

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    Congratulations( I think!!!) Massbrown. I plan on asking my doc to come up with a return to work plan, too. I am exercising everyday, but nothing recreates UPS!!
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    I will PM you later tonight regarding my understanding of the FCE
  12. tourists24

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    ummm you've been at UPS how long and you need to know why about this....? lol
  13. tourists24

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    We have a lot in common. I too had shoulder surgery and then C5 C6 C7 surgery. Mine did not come all at the same time, but all is done and Ive been back in package for a while now. There are some adjustments you have to make, but if you really feel like you can lift and keep up a good work pace then it can be done. Arthritis is definitely the worst problem Ive noticed so far but as long as you can do the work, advil (or something similar) can help you get through it.
  14. hseofpayne

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    Thanks Tourist24: My surgeries were 14 months apart, shoulder first plus rehabing, then neck surgery, still doing therapy for neck. I had to give up Celebrex after neck surgery, said it would slow fusion process. Celebrex really seemed to help pain and stiffness; looking forward to being able to take again.
  15. helenofcalifornia

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    Ask you physical therapist about a FCE. They are the ones that perform these tests all the time. I did one a couple of years back that lasted about 5 hours. They said they could last anywhere from 4-6 hours. The PT said a lot of the people that come in for them are trying to prove that they are more injured then they actually are. So that's why the test is so long-to try and trip up the dishonest worker. (at least, thats what my PT told me) Like dannyboy said, it's mostly upper body pushing and pulling, dexterity, etc. Piece of cake. You should do fine. What have you been doing to get back into condition before you return to work?
  16. hseofpayne

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    Yeah, even my doctors asked me questions over the past 2 years to see if I was really hurt. They ask you the same questions in different ways to see if your answers are consistent. They also ask about symptoms that you shouldn't have with your injuries to see if you are honest. It's their job, never really bothered me. I had C-5/C-6 C-6/C-7 fusion almost 3 months ago, was up walking within a week. I am doing general conditioning at physical therapy for my neck, stretching rubber power bands, treadmill, ect. At home I am walking as fast as I can about 3 to 4 miles a day; can't run yet, gained about 25 lbs. over 2 years! Also doing a lot of low weight high rep upper body presses. Instead of doing a certain number of presses, I do 4 different exercises for 5 minutes straight; trying to build up my stamina. Also on a diet! Did your doctor think you would have permanent restictions? My current doctor hasn't really said. Ironically, the doctor UPS made me go see for a second opinion said I would have weight limits;UPS decided there second opinion guy didn't know what he was doing!!!!!
  17. tourists24

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    I gained about 20 lbs myself. I think most of it came from all the steroid treatments I had prior to surgeries. You are still slightly fresh off your surgery too... you will get stronger and should have no problem with 70 lbs. One question, where was most of your pain from the neck injury? Mine was all the way between my shoulder blades.
  18. hseofpayne

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    Methyl-Prednalisone, I believe is the steroid I took first, then cortisone shots, then 3 shots in my neck. As far as pain before surgery, my neck didn't hurt bad, but I had shooting pains down under left shoulder blade. Also had shooting pain down left arm, numbness in fingers. All those symptoms seem to be gone after surgery. They went in through the front of my neck, so I had a hard time swallowing(just like my ex-wife!!) for a while. Now , I just have sore neck and shoulder muscles.
  19. The-UK-Guy

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    Dude dont you have a lawyer ? Get one or get screwed
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    Hoping the best to all who have been injured here. I had a bad AC joint in my left shoulder and lucked out with company doctors - they were great and I've been back to abusing it for years now.

    My husband had a serious knee injury on-job and had to see company doctors. It was a different insurance company but they're all out to save money, not people. He had a nurse caseworker who led us like sheep into every doctors appointment and took over once we were in there. We called her "the tick". She was so sickening sweet, said she'd pray for him and so forth. We later found out that she was the machine behind his major screwing. He actually developed RSD, a lifelong nerve problem, and she plus the doctors knew it. Costs a fortune to treat and a good doctor charges more than Aetna will pay, leaving much out of pocket expense for us.

    The surgeon's RSD suggestion was not entered into his report until after the fact. Husband saw an attorney but no mention of RSD so he said to sign off. After a year of suffering and unable to work (FCE left him with damning restrictions) he went to a doctor on his own. Got the medical records from the previous surgeon and, Oh boy, there it was, "possible RSD" stuck at the very end of the report. Covered the surgeon's rear end but was an add-on.

    Many dollars later he is able to function and work, the new doctor lightened the restrictions to a reasonable level plus told him he didn't have to show the restriction paper when applying. Different attorney said that because he signed off there was no way to go after them. However, he had gone head-to-head with that casenurse before and would like to have another go at her. He, a well known professional, called her a "witch". The most important thing he told us was that we didn't have to allow her to attend the office visits!!! Those casenurses interfere and pretty much own the doctors because they funnel business in their direction. So call that attorney and verify this. Might be you can just tell her to buzz off next time she tries to attach herself to you. Best of luck to you!!