Returning from FMLA, Union not notified

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    Has any one returned to work from FMLA and the Union was not aware of you coming back to work? A few months went by and I, noticed that my union dues were not being taken out. After calling my local hall, they informed me, that it was the company's job to tell the union of such changes. Had to scratch them an exspensive check. I, should have caught this mistake sooner.
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    I dont know about your local but our local here runs 2 months behind on dues. For example if you returned to work in january you wouldnt see dues taken from your check till march.
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    Been on disablity a few times (like right now) and took withdrawal card. Each time I've been the one that had to notifiy union to reinstate. In fact, my little note is right here:

    "To Re-Activate your Union Dues when you return to work, please call and leave a message."



    Same here :smart:
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    I've always thought it to be my responsibility of the return to work notice to the union.