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    Does anyone know if UPS is obligated to take an employee back after a work comp injury as long as the dr gives them a return to work form that has no restrictions on it ? I am trying to return but am getting the runaround by my center manager and was told today that I will not be reinbursed any money for the last 2 weeks since the dr released me but have not been allowed to work.....any thoughts???
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    Why were you not allowed to work the past 2 weeks?
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    As long as you have a return to " FULL DUTY " you cannot be told not to work! contact your local and if this continues a lawyer!
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    Was the Dr who issued the RTW a UPS Dr or your personal DR? Usually UPS requires a RTW from one of our Dr's. Did they ask for that?
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    Not here. Your dr's "full duty" is contractually binding. Remember the contract?
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    WHy the hell are you waiting 2 weeks to react to this??? Call your local ASAP, if you are RTW they have to take you back. Hope you didn't cancel your work comp. insurance yet seeing as how you aren't back to work.
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    What you need to do is #1 get cleared by your doctor to RTW then #2 get cleared by UPS doctor, which management must set up an appt.

    If you have cleared step #1 but management will not allow #2 or are not receptive, you should immediately call your union hall and ask them for advice. Chances are you will need a lawyer to be involved in getting paid and going back to work. What UPS wants is for you to collect disability through the union, they do not want any part of paying a claim, even if it is WC.

    Not sure if any of this helps.