Returning to work after maternity

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bernadette, Nov 21, 2012.

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    I have just returned to work after having a baby on October 31. I have had a ridiculous amount of payroll issues since. I haven't gotten paid until today and still missing another check. I switched shifts and things are CRAZY. I called myself back to work through Aetna and they closed my case and notified HR on November 9. However, I did not see my doctor after I had the baby. I really didn't like this doctor at all and want to find another one. But now I'm wondering if I had to go and see him in order to return to work? Or is ok that I just called myself back in??? Things are really messed up and if it's my fault I will feel really stupid for making waves....

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    you're welcome???
    how is the baby
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    She's amazing :)
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    you have a lot to be thankful for * first child?
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    I *thought* that you needed a doctor's note to return to work after maternity, so that could be an issue, but really, if you punched in and out with your own employee number, you should still get a check. Ask your boss what the issue is and point out that once a payroll issue is noted, the company has a specific amount of time to fix it. Ask your shop steward to go with you when you remind them that you need to be paid.

    Enjoy your baby.
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    I haven't had had a child for the same reason I won't get a dog, I have to clean up both their poop.
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    But you have no problem working in it.
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    I was a stay at home dad for 10ish years. The summer before I went FT, we went fishing or to the park every day. We did everything we could to pack as many fun units as possible into that last summer.

    Every age is the best age.
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    Before I returned to work after an outside injury ihad to see a doctor that does all the ups injury/ dot physicals for my center. Everything went pretty smooth. If hours that you worked are missing from a paycheck though talk to your steward. On a side note congrats on the baby!
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    Don't have a child because that's too much work. But dog crap is a breeze. Old tennis shoes and a mulching blade on the mower. Never clean up anything.