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  1. bdmiz

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    Any drivers work the hub in Rexburg? How is the demand for drivers? Typical wait for a FT job? Work environment?

    I've been working in a socal hub for 7 1/2 years now and am extremely tired of this state and everything it entails. My hub has been hired a ton of drivers in the past year and rumors are flying around that most new driving jobs from here on out will be in another, not so desirable hub which we share seniority with. I do not want to work in that area. Anyone with experience know if its possible to take a FT job, then get on a transfer list to a different state?
  2. serenity now

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    several prior threads concerning transfers * chances are slim to none, and Slim just left town
  3. yeldarb

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    My suggestion, if your goal is full time, go driving in SoCal to the first hub that comes up, THEN put your name on the package car driving transfer list bid sheet. Then, when you get your transfer, you transferred as a driver, so you will be transferred to another driving position in another hub.
  4. bdmiz

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    This was what I planned on doing. I just wanted some feedback to see if it's even plausible.
  5. Brown287

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    That might be a long wait. My buddy just went full time after a 9 1/2 year wait. He works in the building just south of Aneheim. Down there they cover drivers so the wait for full time is even longer since ups is on no rush to hire full time drivers due to the fact they have plenty if these combo swing driver/loader.
  6. moreluck

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    How about trying to get a job in Idaho Falls........don't they handle Rexburg?
  7. bdmiz

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    I'm in the same building. I don't see the wait being much longer. There are plenty of people in feeder/package that will retire in the next year and before the contract expires.

    I'm mainly looking for someone who was transferred that can give some advice.
  8. bdmiz

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    I was on vacation in Driggs recently and a driver stated there was a hub in rexburg.

    I don't want to just abandon the 7 1/2 years I've invested, move there and start all over.

    Nobody that's done a transfer has any input?
  9. jaker

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    I know you might not want to say what hub you are in socal , but depending on which hub you might be really close to another hub

    I went driving out of another hub and figure I could just transfer back but after 3 years I had way more seniority then I wanted to lose to transfer back
  10. yeldarb

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    With 7.5 years, I would probably wait it out in your hub for a driving job, then transfer. We have several building transfers approved yearly, but when it comes down to making the decision, most just chicken out and stay put.
  11. I agree with yeldarb. Not much to lose going this route. Either way your at the bottom of the seniority list. And since your in the western supplement you can transfer anywhere within the western region BUT you may have a wait depending on where you want to go (Rexburg).

    We have had quite a few transfers in and out of our center as well over the last five + years. Two transferring out last year alone.
  12. bdmiz

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    Thanks everyone for the input.