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    600 live in staff??!! What do they all do?
  3. browniehound

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    Speaking of being rich, If any of us won 250 million would you still work at UPS? I would if I could get one of those jobs that shuttles air to the airport. I would need something to do to keep me honest. I definitely wouldn't drive a package car anymore.
  4. Channahon

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    You are kidding right? Winning any lottery for a million or more, is enough to leave UPS. You just have to manage your finances and start enjoying life.

    UPS? What UPS??
  5. toonertoo

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    You got that right Channahan, If I won a million I would pay off everything, and then just live, like I do on weekends. It wouldnt change me, except for Mon-Fri, and I would see my grandkids a whole much more, and have the best garden in the state, and landscape it the way I would like to if I had the time. I really dont have anything I really want more of, except for time.
    No new car, no new yacht, no exotic vacations. Just time with family and friends, because in the end that is all that really matters.
  6. browniehound

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    I guess you guys are missing my point. You can only play so rounds of golf and garden to your hearts content before it get tiresome. I threw the shuttling job at UPS out there as an easy job to do to keep my life "normal". Most rich people I know are miserable because they don't lead our normal lives.

    I guess I would quit UPS if I won 1 million or more, but I would still want to work 40 hours a week. I think I would like to be a grounds keeper on a golf course.
  7. moreluck

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    Brownie......retired since 2000 and there are still not enough hours in the day to do what we want to do.

    Hubby golfs 4 days a week.......he'd golf 7 if I didn't object. Our little "postage stamp" backyard puts out more trimmings in the green can than any 1/4 acre yard we've had before.

    I remember my father-in-law saying that when he retired his major goal was to get that garage cleaned out. He was retired 15 years and died and never even got to the garage job.

    Stuff just has a way of taking up your days. We have not been bored at all. We travel when we want. Eat out a few days a week. Have our normal chores. The days seem to be shorter than 24 hrs long. Can't explain it.

    I've got a pile of a dozen books I've been wanting to read and they are still in a pile, untouched because I haven't had the time. Nothing tiresome about retirement.
  8. toonertoo

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    I remember my Dad telling me he didnt know how he ever found time to work, once he was retired.

    I feel for ya More, I love to read and I keep buying books which will be collectible before I find time. We rarely eat out, I love being at home and cooking when I get a chance. Being home is my out, I guess Im getting old. I remember when going out was everything. Now I dread leaving the house unless its to buy more plants:), But the problem is the weed whacker, I thought I killed it but my husband just fixed it:mad:He doesnt remember where I tell him I plant stuff!!!!:confused:1
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    I play golf, spend time with my grandkids who I have not been with over 15 years, except for birthdays, Christmas and any other trip I could plan. I would take the whole family to Florida, and other places once a year, to make up for the time I missed not living at home.

    I also do yard work, which I never did during my UPS career - who has time

    One of the things, I was amazed at was simple things in life and not having to accomodate my work schedule anymore. Go to any store any time you want, doctor and dentist appointment, any time you want.

    A feeling of freedom for me. No more business suits, hose or heels. And the best part - I enjoy Sunday evenings and the holidays.

    When you get there, you'll understand.

    Not bored yet and don't plan on being bored.
  10. Sammie

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    It does sound bizzare, but coming from another retiree, Channahon and Moreluck have the facts, Jack. Not enough hours in the day. Remember as a little punk kid when school went ON and ON but recess lasted for about a minute and a half???

    For those of us on "eternal recess", maybe it's the stress free time that we have where we take our time with what we need to do and still can't find the time to get it all done.

    I find retirement to be a gigantic weekend where you relax a bit and by Sunday you figure you'd better get something done so you don't look like a total incompetent....

    And when you're home all day, someone always needs something or something always needs to be done. I run errands for friends who work or I'm doing things that we used to cram into the weekends. Doctors, dentists, eye exams, car repairs, etc. And what kills me is that rush hour is from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m! No matter when I'm out and about, traffic is always back to back!!! Don't any of those people have JOBS???

    And as far as winning the huge lotto goes, my biggest hurdle would be finding the summer home in Vail fancy enough to properly wine and dine the likes of all of YOU!!!:laugh:
  11. browniehound

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    Thanks for the enlightenment from all of the retirees! The reason I posted the comment of being bored, was when Larry Bird retired from basketball he needed to come back to coaching he said, because "you call only play so many rounds of golf". I guess its different if you retire in your 30's compared to your 60's. I assume playing basketball as opposed to working at UPS for 30 years maybe another factor.

    Looks like there is something to look forward from UPS if I can stick it out for the long haul. A center manager of mine once said to me "When I die and meet God, he might not think I was the best person, but I at least deserve a break because I worked at UPS" I'd have to agree with that statement.