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    Working at a Union shop and not joining the Union while reaping the wages and benefits earned by fellow Union workers past and present is the same as being an illegal alien and residing and working illegally while failing or refusing to become a citizen of the U.S.A.
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    Definitely analogous.
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    So how exactly do you relate that to helpers who work for state minimum wage and forced to pay union dues for both Nov and Dec? How willing is the union to negotiate to lower wages from some of the highest earning hourlies so helpers and part timers can get something more reasonable than minimum wage or barely above it?

    How do the helpers working at minimum wage and on schedule for automatic lay off as of last Friday reap ANY benefit from it?

    This year, UPS hired something like 56,000 helpers^1
    This season, I lost $30 to mandatory union dues. I don't know how much temps in other areas fared, but if we just use $30 for the discussion sake.
    $30 x 56,000. I'm sure the due assessment varies between states, but under the simple computation that each and every helper was assessed $30 per head, the union derived $1.68 million in revenue from seasonal helpers who do not reap the benefit one bit. No benefits, more or less fast food restaurant wages.

    What do you suppose the union will do with this $1.68 million in dues collected from temps seeing that those temps will no longer be around to reap ANY benefit from it? I'm guessing they will use the funds to advance the interests of full time high seniority employees.

    Staffing Talk, Nov, 2011. UPS Delivers 55,982 Seasonal Hires With Social Media
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    You are still around! Why is that; perhaps you're not really a temp.
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    Didn't you hear? They offered him an inside job on preload. Wasn't Tie a preload sup? Socks is back, also.
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    accuse and gossip, but questions go unanswered.
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    That's the truth Jack!

    And if you get a permanent part-time position, you will be paying even more for the same purpose.
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    Why does a kid(?) who works as a jumpseat Johnny care about what will occur with those dues? I have an idea. Don't join the teamsters. Then, when UPS deducts 99.44% of those dues anyways, get mad at UPS. They are the ones who signed those damn contracts, anyways.
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    No reason to get mad at UPS.
    UPS only deducts what the Union tells them to do.
    UPS simply transfers the funds to the Teamsters.
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    why should someone be forced to pay dues to an organization if they don't feel that organization truly represents their best interests?
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    Seasonal helpers and causal drivers are doing bargaining unit work and there for have to pay dues just like the senoirity drivers who normally do the work. We allow the company to hire temps for the seasonal volume but we are still entitled to collect the pension funding for that work.
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    Then they should be having conversations with their elected state legislators.

    Neither UPS or the Teamsters force anyone to join the union, its the closed shop status that some states have put in place that force the new employee to join the union regardless of whether they want to or not.
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    Closed shops are ruled unconstitutional. You're still covered under collective bargaining but the union CAN NOT require employees to take MEMBERSHIP. RTW states, you can separate yourself entirely. Non-RTW states, you'll pay a portion of dues but you're never required to accept union membership.

    It's a shame that this matter isn't conveyed clearly to new employees.
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    in case you havent heard,,the mc rib is back and mc donalds is hiring and they wont cut dues out of your check.if you dont like working for union/contracted negotiated/labor then quit your crying and keep walking.i hear these said stories and i just wonder what would satisfy some.i bet reaping the benefits of our contract without paying dues wouldnt even be enough?
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    you been hangin' with RockT maN? iT sure sEEms like IT
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    Hey come on!
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    If you happen to be hired back on after peak, make sure you turn down all those union negotiated benefits that would be eventually offered to you. Remember, those are not a requirement for employment purposes either.

    I say that because you seem to be against the benefits of the union and what has been negotiated for you, but I'm guessin that you wouldn't turn down the raises nor the health benefits that have come from the union negotiating on your behalf.
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    There are merits and demerits to everything but what you said in the post I replied to is factually incorrect nonetheless. Closed shop has been illegal since 1947. " its the closed shop status that some states have put in place that force the new employee to join the union regardless of whether they want to or not."

    I strongly oppose tricking people into signing up for something through misinformation. It should not be an automatic opt-in that requires research to figure out how to get yourself out.

    The choice to join or not join should be made crystal clear as organ donor opt-in on your driver's license.
    Each individual has the right to make an informed decision for themselves. By that, I mean they should be given "would you like to become a member of the union yes - no" not an automatic enrollment that you have to take the time to research how to resign and write a letter to do so. I don't believe in trickery like this. This is like AOL free trial that requires a credit card number and assume you like it unless you cancel.

    Each employee should have ready access to what joining/not joining means in their respective local.

    For example, not joining retains same wage/benefits rights offered to the same collective group, but loss of say in union matters.

    No, of course not. Here in non RTW state, not paying dues is not an option. While I agree there are pros, there are cons too. Job security for existing high seniority employees mean advancement and entry hold backs for new hires. To believe in seniority driven system or not is a personal opinion but everyone is entitled to accurate information such as the fact that employment is not conditional to union membership.
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    why are you so insistent on obtaining a union job if you dont like what it entails? Why dont you go to a company that is not union to start? Rush Limbaugh always uses Fed Ex because they dont have a union. Sounds like a perfect fit for you