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    I dont know alot about right to work(and no pay dues states) What I am trying to find out is, If they get all the same benefits as we do. What happens if we would go on strike? Do they have to cross the pickett line? Do they get strike pay? (I certainly hope not) Thankyou for any input.
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    Who's going on strike?
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    In 1997 I believe a lot of non union strikers signed up for the union. Only ones that crossed were a few package car drivers. Ones who didn't join just went and looked for another job.
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    I'm in a RTW state.

    Non-members have the same rights as members as far as honoring a picket line (ie. not being permanently replaced if it is a "non-economic" strike), but will not receive strike pay. From what I've been told of the strike at my hub by the veterans, many non-members honored the picket line and a mix of members/non-members scabbed but they still couldn't get the work done. The two weeks we spent on the street was spent purely processing volume already in the system.

    Strike pay comes both from the IBT strike and defense fund and also any local/regional funds. I'm unsure if they would receive benefits under TeamCare if they honored the picket line. The individual locals (that could afford it) would have picked up the tab for COBRA payments for members that honored the picket line had the strike gone on for longer than 30 days.
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    Here in 1997 we had some Centers where 50% crossed by the end of week 1 but some where 99% stayed out the entire time. No Feeder drivers crossed even though a few were non-Members which pretty much made it a dog & pony show of delivering old volume as none of the planes or feeders were moving. No strike pay for non-members but our Local was able to pay a rather generous $75/wk to members vs. the $55/wk coming from the National. We respected those who stayed out & honored our picket lines even though they were non-members; many signed up afterwards.

    Most of the scabs have long since left the Company, either by their own volition or oftentimes by being walked out.

    Overall I was impressed at our soldarity for being a RTW State and generally anti-Union. In many ways it increased the power of the Local & unionism throughout the rank & file.
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    $75 and $50 a week for everybody? Or is it based on your hourly rate? Because if that was the case, most pters would love to go on a strike.
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    This is how I feel about this topic. If you work in a union shop you should pay union dues. We wouldn't be making $32 if UPS wasn't a union shop. We also wouldn't have a pension plan and we would be paying for are health care.

    I know what I'm about to say isn't politically correct but those who choose not to pay union dues should be shown the door someway somehow...
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    I agree 100%...I was just asking what kind of benefits these.SCABS. are entitled to!
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    Scabs get NO benefits. They can cross just the same as a union member. Neither will receive any special favors or considerations after the strike. NO ONE respects a SCAB.
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    These RTW states are tough. You really gotta have good leadership in your stewards to recruit new employees. Most of the young guys I see hired now don't even have a clue as to what a union is. Well looking back I had only a vague idea when I started...
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    Since we're on the topic of being politically correct..

    Why would you throw a scab under the bus?

    Because it's a lot harder to find a bulldozer.
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    We have a lot of Southern Baptist,Right Wing Rush Limbaugh loving anti union types in our center. They will tell you the Union is only there to collect dues,and even without a union they would make the same pay at UPS because they are that awesome. They get the same pay,insurance benefits and retirement as union members( which is a crock of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: in my book!)
    Most also get VERY thin skinned and defensive when they are told they are Freeloading Scabs
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    We have a feeder driver that's this way. I'm good friends with his brother and he told me that the guy was actually fairly moderate until he started driving a package car and got a radio in his cab.. and started listening to Rush Limbaugh all day, every day. Boggles the mind that he's pulling in over $75k a year with full benefits and a pension and won't sign a card.

    I ran into another newly hired feeder driver that was a PT'er in my hub for a while when we were doing internal organizing.. I had found out he was a scab and I was explaining to him that if -- God forbid -- he ever had an incident, it would be in his best interest to be a union member so his business agent would be fully vested in his case. He pointed up at the sky and said, "My business agent is up there! I'm not worried!"

    Sometimes, I really hate living in the south.

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    I think you meant that no Union member respects a SCAB.
    Most of America would think of a SCAB as a heroic type figure.
    Depends on perspective and what's is at stake for the person giving their opinion.
    No one in the Mafia respected the "RAT"s that disclosed how the Mafia worked but most of America respected these individuals.
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    I just got back from a week in Wyoming.
    You would really hate it out there.

    I am who I am and where I live affects that in no way.
    ​I usually find at least 4 or 5 people people every day that makes me feel better about myself, no matter where I am.
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    I don't think "most" Americans would see a scab (person crossing a picket line to work and/or a person in a union shop not paying dues) as a "heroic" figure. They might sympathize with them for doing what's necessary (in their eyes) to put food on the table.

    My dad recently told me that when I was a wee lil' Piedmont that the USW tried to organize the copper foundry he worked at in the early 1990's and they actually went on strike.. but he kept working because he couldn't afford not to.
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    When we were on strike we "allowed" (meaning didn't walk in front of or haze) a driver that had 7 kids. Our Strike fund was Wasted away, and the $40 we got was not going to cover anything.

    I used my $40 to buy more hotdogs and drinks for the strike line..
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    It depends on how your feel about unions, if you've ever worked in one, how the union treated the workers and what happened when you retired.
    Most people that haven't worked in a place that had a strong one say "they only protect the losers, the lazy and the ones that need fired". Ive seen that but being Southern Baptist or trusting in God to protect your job really isn't the issue. It's how you feel about union objectives, activism, and if you agree with all that.
    Inside the union, except recently due to the IBTs campaign against the members, most of us get negative attitudes due to the local BA, if they don't trust he's on their side. Those who like their BA are more likely to support the union in other ways.
    WE are the union. We need to stand up for each other regardless of what the locals or IBT does. When nonmembers see our strength they are more apt to join.

    Some won't support because the Teamsters support politicians that support issues like abortion and/or homosexuality and that is against their Christian beliefs. Everyone needs to make their own decision.
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    We were 100% here at our Local in Ohio....back in 1997. There is an interesting picketing technique that I was part of that took "Goliath" down for a very short time and at our Local only..... What happens when your small Local pickets Louisville and the pilots agree that they will honor your pickets? Answer.....you get what the NLRB said you should get... non-union auditors and select office personnel becoming members of the IBT... : )

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    ​Hoaxster.....do you happen to shop at Walmart? : ) That is where I go if I want to feel good about myself....