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    Just learned that the great bassist Chris Squire of the iconic band Yes lost his battle with leukemia. Chris from the very beginning was a fixture in Yes and the only member to stay with the band all the way through. Here is the announcement from the Ultimate Classic Rock website.

    Here is Chris telling of his first meeting and seeing Jimi Hendrix at the legendary Marqee Club.

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    I've seen this. Great story. Squire was an innovator and will be missed.
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    He was that. Starting in the early 70's with Chris, as the decade moved on, Jon Camp of Renaissance and the late Gary Thain of Uriah Heep to me were the cream of the crop in bass players. Now there are too many of different genres to name them all but Chris was and will always be one of the best for me. Saw Yes 4 times from Fragile to Relayer and Chris dynamic playing was always a major component of the show.
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    As a bass player, Squire was always an inspiration to me.


    (Uriah's been a while...Wk, ever get into Hawkwind?)