RIP for another Brother

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    At least they mentioned it there. This guy was at our building around midnight to pick up those loads and not a word has been mentioned officially. It would have been nice to at least recognize his loss.
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    1,600,000 hits on google for UPS driver killed.

    watch yourselves.
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    The driver was Al Eclipse , 66 years old.. He was the shifter / dispatcher at Olympic for many years and became a full time feeder driver later. He was one of the best people that I knew at UPS. He will be missed. Drivers and friends. Mobile easy and keep it straight. Line them up and hit them dead center if they or an object are in your path. Do not swerve to miss because it will get you. As Mel Smith said, Line them up and take them out and you will live. If you hit them chances are they will be pushed forward and forward motion against forward motion creates minimal damage to vehicles and lives most of the time. If you swerve and get into a head on situation motion against motion usually results in heavy damage and injury and possible fatalities. I am not sure if this came into play with Al's accident because I have heard many versions. I do know that as it was previously reported that wind was not a factor. May God protect each of you as you travel the roads.


    Update from the press enterprise.

    A 32-year-old San Bernardino man was driving the Nissan 350Z that was reported to be speeding shortly before it drifted into the center divider, then veered back across the traffic lanes and hit the truck’s left front wheel, said Officer Hope Maxon.
    “It appears the (truck) driver tried to avoid the collision,” she said. “But they did collide. And the tractor-trailer went rolling off the right shoulder. It overturned onto its side and down an embankment.”
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    Fellow co-worker told me about the accident this morning. My sympathies go out to his family. It happend at the top of the Cajon Pass in Southern Cal, the gateway to Las Vegas. It's not my place to say what he could have done to prevent this tragedy but from the report it looks like the guy in the Nissan was at fault. Hopefully they find him guilty of causing the loss of our Brother. So sorry to Eclipse family and friends.
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    Oh God thats terrible !! God Bless Mr.Eclipse !! looks like human instict took over and took poor mans life !!
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    RIP Mr. Eclipse. My prayers are with your family and co-workers.
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    Very sad. Prayers go out for family and friends.
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    R.I.P. driver
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    Always sad to to lose one of our own. RIP brother.