RIP in Port Allen, La.

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  1. On Monday a PT Preload supervisor dropped dead in the Port Allen facility in Louisiana. Please pray for his family.
  2. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Was it a heart attack? Will keep this unknown to me family in my prayers. So sad.
  3. Not sure, had some friends call me to tell me about it, but they never said what caused it.
  4. Massive heart attack, he died instantly. Lots of pressure from his superiors.
  5. local804

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    center manager from Farmindale bldg just had a heart attack also. Didnt die, thank God.
    His job stress level was at an all time high also.
  6. HPLude

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    Bldg Mgr. in Providence, RI just had a heart attack...
  7. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    stress, many things cause ha, but stress only increases your risk.
    it aint worth it, decrease your stress where you can! And your job is one of them. its just a job. if it stresses you to that point, quit. life is too short.
  8. ups_vette

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    I worked for UPS 32 years, 6+ as a "driver" and 26 in management. I retired in 1995 and had a heart attack in 2001, 6 years of "stress free" retirement living and I had a heart attack....GO FIGURE
  9. helenofcalifornia

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    Tooner, I can't believe you talk about getting rid of stress and it just being a job when you work in a war zone that you have to be out of by morning or deal with the waking zombies. I see you more as a country/suburban type with a 5 cube, 75 stops, 150 packages and 150 miles. :happy-very:
  10. Cementups

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    One of our drivers collapsed Friday as he was getting ready to clsoe his door to leave in teh morning. He' had surgery yesterday to repair a hereditary disorder to his heart that could have killed him. He is in his early 40's
  11. moreluck

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    cementups....that sounds almost like the same thing that killed John Ritter. After his death his brother had an MRI and found he had the same problem and he had if fixed surgically.
  12. browniehound

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    I wonder if UPS increases our risk of heart attacks. The many posts about employees recently having them might suggest that, but at the same time it is the number cause of death for everyone no matter what our occupation.

    Sadly, the heart is like a time bomb that can go off at anytime:sad-little:.
  13. trickpony1

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    Can it really? If this were true then we would all be dropping like flies.

    I'm surprised a previous poster who was in "management" 26 years and seems to have a vast medical background (sarcasm) didn't factor into his heart attack the "12 hour" days of:
    -no exercise
    -poor diet
    -probably smoked
    -continual stress

    The accumalative effects of this lifestyle can sneak up on a person even after 6 years of "stress free" retirement.

    But what could I know....I'm just a "driver".

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Years ago a new full time driver collapsed just after the consignee signed him off. Young kid. At the funeral the family mentioned his heart vessels were almost 85 % clogged. So sad to see a fellow driver die so young (32 yrs old). We started a collection and made a trust fund for his 10 yr old son.

    Makes you re-examine your lifestyle.
  15. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    ML---My worst thing lately is that I have been having pains in mychest since Wednesday on the left side. The doctor on my area told me to see him on Monday if the pain persisted since it didn't seem to be a hard laboring pain. Sometimes when it is worse the I am short of breath as well. I iwll probably see him anyway to make sure. I am going to transfer all my medical records to him since he is easy access and a really nice guy. My doctor wants to see me in 2 weeks anytime I call with an ailment. I just turned 33 and am thinking that that is too young to die and leave my famiy behind, so it may be time to get checked out.
  16. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Do NOT hesitate any longer, if you start having chest and left arm pains today go to an ER. This aint somethin to mess around with.
  17. toonertoo

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    Cementups, It is definetly time.
    My dad had his first heart attack, at 29.
    33 is not too young. Heredity, lifestyle, luck, and only one of them you can control.
    My husband had none of the regular signs, and it was his second one, never knew when he had his first. He just got sick.
    I hate docs, not actually them, just admitting I need to see one, but I did, and so should you.
    I had a friend who dropped dead at 38, no history and no warning.
    Do your family a favor, and relieve yourself of the stress of worrying about it.
    And yes stress is a killer, learn to manage it the best you can.
    Helen, I cant change it so I have to deal with it. I say a prayer, I treat all with respect, and I dont go where I dont feel safe, the rest is out of all of our hands. I will change when I can, but actually I am safer than most as I am just part of the scenery. I know where I am going and when to go, something a cover driver may not. And Ill give up my keys and the truck in a heartbeat if they give me that option.
  18. Cementups

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    Thanks all. I know this. My cousins boyfriend died of a heart attack while playing basketball with his buddies. He was 18. Heart attacks don't discriminate. Age, race, color, background.....we're all potential victims. I know.

    It's weird you mention stress. I have what I think is little to know stress. very carefree world I tend to live in. I am going to set up an apponitment any way since the doctor said he could run a few test to see if there are any early signs or maybe even send me somewhere for deeper test.
  19. RockyRogue

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    My paternal grandfather died of a heart-attack in his early forties, my maternal grandparents have had at least one heart attack apiece and my parents have been telling me ever since I can remember about the family history of heart attacks. Hence the reason I don't smoke, rarely drink and up until a year ago, walked 2 miles or more a day. I really need to get back on the bike trails. With spring arriving, these gravel trails will be in much better shape. These sidewalks with traffic blazing by at 40 isn't nearly as peaceful as those trails :anxious:. -Rocky
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    Tad Martinez, 36, married with a 4 month old baby.