RIP Oliver Sacks

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    Scientist, artist, philosopher, reckless motorcycle driver - the world is a lesser place without you Sir.

    “If we wish to know about a man, we ask 'what is his story--his real, inmost story?'--for each of us is a biography, a story. Each of us is a singular narrative, which is constructed, continually, unconsciously, by, through, and in us--through our perceptions, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions; and, not least, our discourse, our spoken narrations. Biologically, physiologically, we are not so different from each other; historically, as narratives--we are each of us unique.”
    Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales

    And, this, written not much more than a month ago.

    What an amazing sense of grace, a continuous child-like curiosity about the world, and a deep appreciation for his own life and the lives of his patients.