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    There is a petition to repeal the RLA on whitehouse.gov Probably won't do much but i signed it anyway. I can't put the link up because i don't have enough posts but it's not hard to find.
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    I'll go sign right now.

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    I hope the international Brotherhood of Teamsters is actively encouraging its members to sign this petition.
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    added my name
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    Done deal.
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    So, no one is going to create some fliers and throw them into their parking lot over night?

    Where is the commitment?

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    Why would anybody tell you what they're going to do?
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    To be discussed at the next non-organizing super-secret meeting.
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    Zero commitment from IBT = no widespread drive to organize, sign petitions, etc.
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    No not at all . They look at the brown bailout uproar (not) as express eMployers didn't say how that statement was a fraud
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    Most likely the Dems are trying to drum up some more campaign cash from Fred.
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    What a nice threadcrap from someone who's supposedly in a moderating position.

    Bite me.
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    What? I didn't make that up. People insisted it was going on back when R1a was here.
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    No need to play Mr. Innocent. Your tone says it all.
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    Right, because you can tell someone's tone in a text medium. lol
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    1. Preface: Long ago before the Union became outdated and antiquated. They laid the basic foundation for what the American worker should look and be like. After that, it's been a cluster :censored2:.
    2. Unions lead to higher prices for consumers since companies must pay more for wages & benefits, which are then passed on to customers.
    3. Unions make the country less competitive since non-unionized companies in India, China, Taiwan, etc. can pay workers far less and therefore charge less and/or assign more workers per unit of product. With Europe being the lone exception. Major manufacturers will leave to go abroad because of this and tax breaks.
    4. Unions often prevent more qualified workers from getting the jobs. Less proficient workers are often protected from layoffs or firing; thus, new positions open less frequently.
    5. Society and companies are often held hostage to the essential services of certain unions (e.g. teachers, police, construction workers, air traffic controllers, etc.); thus, negotiation becomes less about fairness to workers than about companies meeting the demands of union extortion.
    6. Unions have become a source of political power and corruption. Since unions can offer a large block of voters, politicians will often curry favor from unions and screw over the taxpayers. Consequently, union representatives concentrate on helping their favorite politicians and political party rather than doing what's best for the members. All while pocketing membership fees.
    7. It prevents the firing of clearly incompetent workers. Several poorly-performing teachers on tenure as well as most government workers are clear examples. Over bloated pensions, and promote entitlement and laziness.
    8. Unions lead to less productivity and job motivation since pay levels are usually determined by seniority rather than performance. The lack of incentives such as increased pay or promotion, as well as the lesser threat of losing their jobs, leads to workers putting out less effort than they otherwise would. With the attitude of "no need to bust my butt, I'll get to that pay scale anyways.
    9. It creates an "us" vs. "them" hostility between ownership and workers. An innate distrust between white and blue collar.
    10. Unions focus on the needs of the members at the expense of non-union members & society, as evidenced by labor unrest all over the world as governments try to rein in unsustainable spending.
    11. For many types of jobs, union membership is required for the position, along with substantial cash dues on a regular basis. This is inherently anti-freedom.
    12. It decreases the flexibility of both employee and employer in negotiating wages, benefits, and other items. Especially with the technological advances of today and multi-working families, employees often want to customize work hours & location, fringe benefits (e.g. more vacation time, no health insurance), and pay (e.g. per hour or per project vs. salaried). Unions tie the hands of both employee and employer in such situations. They inhibit INNOVATION.
    13. Unions have in the past had ties with organized crime or communist organizations, which are fundamentally trying to harm the nation's free market system. Google Union Thug, and tell me how proud you are. Protect the middle class!
    14. Unions reduce the investment dollars that are put into a company since investors are less willing to take on the risks of work stoppages, higher costs, and decreased management flexibility. Like it or not, that is what it's all about in the 21st century friends.
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