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    Ok so my road test is in a few weeks. I hear from a lot of guys that passing the first time is very difficult even if you're knowledgable in stick shift. Is it really that hard to pass it on the first try? Also say I don't pass it, am I back on the waiting list to go FT?
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    It depends on a) who's administering the test and b) whether he/she likes you (if they like you, and you're so-so, you'll pass). Multiple people here administer the road test... one is known for hardly passing anyone (including me) whereas another one takes the approach 'you'll get better...just know how to drive it.' Since they're always seeking Saturday air drivers here, the lenient guy generally administers those tests. And once you've passed, you've passed.

    If you fail the test, you can try again in six months.
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    How about the probationary period. Say I don't complete it, am I just back on the bottom of the list again?
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    You are driving a much larger vehicle than a car, so you have to be aware of where all six sides are. And you do have to wait another year if you fail it.
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    If you fail the road test, you may re-try in six months.

    If you pass the road test, progress to FT but are disqualified during your probationary period, you may re-try in one year.

    You don't go to the "bottom of the list" (although with only 1.5 years in, you're not far from it I'd imagine) -- you just re-bid.
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    For whatever reason it seems the majority of the PT's I work with lack the will power to even become drivers. There's guys on my belt with 5-12 years PT just loading & that's all they seem to want to do. They just complain about the workload & how little $$$ they're making, yet still take days off & leave early. Having to wait 6 months to re-take it is perfect for me considering I won't lose my June vacation now :). Unless of course I pass it on the first try. Thanks for the insight guys!