Robert McNamara Dead at Age 93

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    Much could be said here both pro and con of McNamara but in his mid 80's he sat down and provided 11 lessons from his perspective and maybe instead of going all over the place with this man, maybe his own words might serve us better to understand own world today.

    I do think it a bit comical that much of what was said and spoken about Rumsfeld was first spoken of McNamara and I guess they both share with what has become an unpopular military venture and being the architects there of.

    With that and in rememberance of Sec. McNamara, I give you
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    I always thought McNamara missed his true calling.

    Basically he sat there in the Pentagon and tried to micromanage the Vietnam war from 6000 miles away. He ignored advice and requests from the men in the field who were there and actually involved in the fighting, preferring instead to base his decisions upon wishful thinking, unrealistic and ridiculous expectations, and the latest in computerized data management.

    He was truly a man ahead of his time and he would have fit perfectly in to the corporate culture of UPS.
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    I have to agree with you on his micromanagement of the war. By his own omission he knew his strategy was flawed but pushed on. This says a lot about his character and IMO not in a good way. I do not think that he was able to shore up his legacy. But I will say that I am sure he felt (at the time) he was doing the right thing for our country. May he rest in peace.
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    More of the McNamara Legacy

    Intervention followed by the infamous "unintended" consequences?