Rolled-Back Start Times...Again

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  1. MrFedEx

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    Dear Fred,

    It isn't our fault that your "airline" doesn't run on-time when the weather is bad, but you still insist on having people call-in for start times on a recorder. Shame, shame on you, because that's against the law in many states. But the law is only a good thing when it works for you, right?

    I'm going to send an email to several well-known class action lawyers and see if they're interested in pursuing this issue. Think of all the money you'll have to pay for all of the money that you ripped-off from us.


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  2. FedExer267

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    Whats good for the Goose.... Go get him MFE Id like to see him spin his way out of this one.
  3. Cactus

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    "The World On Time"

    Yeah, right. :dissapointed:
  4. bbsam

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    Why would that be against the law?
  5. LTFedExer

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    I believe there is a lawsuit. I was interviewed by a FedEx lawyer about 2 years ago on the whole 'snow/information' line issue. Never did hear anything after it.
  6. MrFedEx

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    In some states, shaving hours by having employees "on-call" via several methods is illegal. One is requiring employees to call-in by a specific time to a voicemail recording, another is where you come to work and FedEx just changes the schedule and tells you to wait or go on break. A third way is to have you clock-in and then go on an extended break. Another is to actually call employees at home and tell them they have a delayed start.

    All of these allow FedEx to tailor their operation at employee expense, because they simply don't get paid. It isn't the employee's problem that the freight isn't at the station, but FedEx says that it is, so they don't pay. They don't care if it's legal, as long as Fred saves money. This has been going on forever, and still continues at some locations. The 2 lawyers I've talked with so far say it may be a legitimate class action.
  7. vantexan

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    Considering that just about anything that can be litigated already has, most likely it's allowable. Under DOT rules you can't be forced to take a break in your first or last hour. I posted during peak that our mgrs were making us do that, and interestingly shortly after I posted we were told to wait a full hour before taking a break. We were required to stock our trucks, etc until the hour was up. But you may be right, may depend very much on the state you are in. Don't know if it still happens, but when I was in Mississippi in the early 90's it was nothing to wait hours on the clock for late freight. We played basketball, ping pong, etc. And I bet most of us wished we were at home waiting.
  8. Cactus

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    This has been going on (to excess) at our station forever.

    I'd like nothing more than for Fred to be sued and have to cough up all the back pay for current and past employees. Maybe then his cash flow for lobbyists would see some major evaporation.
  9. The only people in my sta that call those recordings in the morning are the suckers and the people terrified of mgmt. I'm not an on-call employee. I start when my schedule says I start. Just like in the dead of winter when very few people are on vaca and mgmt starts me at 1500 to do a nt rt. And then they get a whole bunch of sick calls and try to call me in the AM to come in early to cover a day rt. I always pick up and tell them that I can't make it. I'm busy. That pisses them off more than not answering at all. Again I'm not a dr. I don't deliver babies for a living. I'm not on-call. You need me in the AM you better schedule me to start in the AM.
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    For years my managers, who required a phone contact number, used to call my house, waking everyone up, at any hour starting at about 0530AM. That was to tell me that start time had been rolled back from 0650 to 0730. Wow, disrupt the sleep and peace of a whole household to save the corporation 40 minutes of pay. This means that the employee leaves home only 20 minutes later than usual from home because traffic is much worse at 0700 that at 0620. This was so disrespectful of the sanctity of the home. It was like your rights and peace mean nothing compared to the station budget.
    I soon learned to change my contact number to my cell phone, thus sparing anyone else from the intrusion. Then I just ignored the cell phone and arrived at my scheduled time. Boy were they :censored2:! I told them I was there to work not to sit around. I would punch in at my posted time and do whatever was necessary to fill the void. Work Is Work. 24 hours notice of schedule changes became my standard. It is amazing to me that here we are in 2011 and FedEx is still treating it's employees like indentured servants. It still goes on today, everyday. The Northern California stations, especially North on the Golden Gate Bridge are so dysfunctional it is amazing that clean sweeps of all managements have not occurred yet.
  11. Cactus

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    I agree a clean sweep needs to be done but it needs to start at the top starting with Smith and the board of directors and working all the way down to individual station management.
  12. MrFedEx

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    Exactly. I do pretty much the same thing. If you show-up, they have to pay you, but management intimidation tactics scare most people away from standing up for themselves. This is a big part of what non-FedEx Express employees just don't get, and that's the constant intimidation, scare tactics, and anti-union schtick we endure from management daily.
  13. I'm so immune to all the nonsense I could care less. I dont listen to anything mgmt says. The scare tactics and all the other nonsense goes in one ear and out the other.
  14. Mr. 7

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    Same here, if there's no follow-up or discipline, I'm doing things "my way".
  15. bbsam

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    I highly suggest you do the same with teminal management where you are located. Regardless of what they say, you work for your contractor (pathetic as he may be).
  16. MrFedEx

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    You work for the contractor until the FedEx TM tells the contractor to get rid of you. Do we have another Gomer moment here or what? Hey, Sam, tell me this never happens.
  17. bbsam

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    This is a moment where just like I am no expert on Express the tables are turned and I tell you that you have no idea how Ground works. The only Gomer is the contractor who does not know or excercise his rights.
  18. MrFedEx

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    I'll bet there are plenty of contractors who fall prey to FedEx intimidation tactics.