"Rolling Volume"

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  1. rushfan

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    For the past 2 fridays, the CACH load here has been "exception scanned" delivery to Monday. Today, half a CACH load was unloaded, and the other was conviently loaded into a different trailer. The tracking shows out for delivery, then was "exceptioned" an hour later "delay due to weather". The weather here is 45 degrees and cloudy. No snow on the roads. Time in transit was all on time, until the volume reached our center. About 20% of the volume was exceptioned.

    What's your take?!?

    IMHO it's dishonesty. Sure the volume was heavy, and the drivers would have a long day, but at least we are providing service to our CUSTOMERS, and not making the stats for the center.
  2. govols019

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    Had the same thing happen here on Monday. Welcome to the new UPS.
  3. swen

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    Happened here a few times to. "Get the new accounts, but fail at maintaining them".
  4. RoBo

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    Aha!! the answer is simple guys.... It's the whole 9.5 driver thing! the center in question must have had plenty of drivers that were in need of their 9.5 or else grievances would be paid. Better to bite the hand that feeds you than let the cat eat out of your dish...

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    I found out this week that a couple of UPS accounts who next day payroll to my area have gone elsewhere. I guess they didnt enjoy our "deliver air in trace" policy during a month of snowstorms !
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    Maybe it has more to do with volume through out the system that has been delayed due to weather. Sad thing that you and I look at this and are embarrassed. At FedEx Ground they do this in an even larger scale. At my brothers Ground Hub they will not send out a trailer until its 100% full. End result is that one of his pickups were asking him why their boxes had not been delivered in 4 days yet. The packages were traveling less then 90 miles. So you see that customers could go elsewhere but the grass is definitely not greener over there.
  7. raceanoncr

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    Yeah, that may be true, but it IS cheaper! If you get the same service, or non-service, if you will, why pay more at UPS?
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    I've seen the same around here. Division Mgr wants to cut cars or have ligit excuse to cuttem, so he hold back loads and put drivers on lay-off status maybe workem wednesday to friday. Center mgr tells us volume isnt there so cant run normal number of routes. Gotta love those numbers.
    Go find some new business eh? Oh and maintain the acct we have.
  9. Brown287

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    Race you are absolutely correct there is no excuse for it at all. My point is just that as bad as we seem at times our competition is no better and usually much worse then us. Either way it is still an embarrassment.
  10. dilligaf

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    We are a satellite center and on an extremely rare occasion we will have a partial load that will come in late (usually during peak, but not always) and it will be exceptioned til the next day. It has nothing to do with our weather. It has everything to do with the time involved in unloading and getting the drivers out the door.
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  12. brownmonster

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    Yet we get written up for having an occasional missed package. Nice.
  13. rushfan

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    Yep, the whole thing has to do with getting the drivers out the door, so it shows good on the new center manager's report. I call it dishonesty, and "burning" packages. We would get written up for No such street, can't find it, ect. I was going to call the dishonesty hotline, but what good will it do if others are doing it. I only wish I had a package on that trailer. I would call and say I know for a fact which trailer it went into (i have the trailer numbers). I would demand someone unload it....even thought I'm a UPS employee, I'm also a customer.