Ron Paul: On Gaza, Obama, Economy,Russia-Ukraine Gas Dispute

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    I do agree that the broke,its blows my mind to think of all the
    foriegn military aid we as tax payers have dished out over the past 50
    years.Especially when we have children going hungry within our own

    My only other thought was this;was a U.S. presence in some of these countries, a deterant for other countries not to invade them?
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    Interesting question. We fought a war in SE Asia in which I lost a good personal friend and also a cousin among the 53k dead and were they in the end invaded and over run? That did happen in 1975' and many would argue it happened because we left because of politics and they would have a point. However come forward 30 years and where is Vietnam today. Not only a US friend but also a trading partner with many US companies having a presence and doing busiess there.

    A couple of weeks ago I happen to walk by our ODC area and saw a stack of international packages being processed and 3 caught my eye. All were addressed going to Vietnam so even after the invasion if you will, they still became our friend and trading partner. Recently in a local store a nice gathering table caught my eye and to my surprise the table was made in Vietnam and the craftsmanship wasn't bad either. IMO so much for the need to fight that damn war in the first place with the blood of my generation!

    A famous movie line was "war is politics by other means" which is true but equally and IMO more true is "war is economic power and expansion by other means!"

    Along that same line I believe Iraq was a similar fashion and history over time will bare that out more and more. The 2 prinicple parties wanting the US to attack and overthrow Iraq were Israel and Saudi Arabia and my guess is the passion was equal on both sides as both had vested interests. Israel's is economic as well as geographic expansion but Saudi's is very much an economic interest by keeping Iraq's oil controlled as well as stopping Saddam from creating an oil market outside of Opec's London/New York markets that would trade in Euro's. Oddly enough Iran threatened the same a few years back at which time Iran became the new enemy focus of the triad powers.

    Israel and Saudia Arabia contrary to myth are silent partners with the US in shaping Middle East policy and it might be an interesting discussion to have with Osama bin Laden as to who he hates more, the Saudi royals or the Zionists. My guess the hatred would be such as you'd lose track as to who was who.


    BTW: To add to the insult, we now know that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie and even admitted as much by McNamara himself.

    War of Vietnam - The Gulf of Tonkin incident

    Was the Persian Gulf confrontations with Iran just another decoy?

    Ron Paul - Gulf of Tonkin
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    I was 3 years old in 68, I remember taking my brother to the airport
    to go off to basic training,after the plane took off they came back for a low level flyby- I can still hear the roar and see it in my minds eye.

    Vietnam might not be the best example.I was thinking about Germany
    Japan and the Philipines.Maybe were just there to keep an eye on them
    and their neighbors.

    I saw that interview w/Mcnamara on the history channel or something
    or something like it,very informative.I would have liked to hear a tranlation
    of the Iranian naval patrol boat video.

    I have to admit I supported the gulf war at first ,I've since had a revalation that the U.S. has no business going to war in this day and age.
    With the money spent and the lives lost how much more good could have been done?

    I see Ron Paul as a man that has the best interests of the American people in mind but what do I know I voted for Ross Perot.
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    your messiah ron paul has been found wanting and can not seem to get elected to a position that allows him to show his superior intellect. If only Ron was smart enough to get himself elected president.
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    And you choose McCain?

    I guess that makes us even!
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    tsk tsk . never said I chose mccain.

    No I'm serious you folks keep promoting him as some type of visionary but there is something about the guy that keeps him from getting anywhere near the presidency.

    IMHO i think the guy has a strong tinge of arrogance about him that hurts his ability to ascend to his throne.
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