Rory Mcilroy

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Bristol Brown, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Wow how good is this kid?

    Brilliant that Britain now has a couple of elite golfers who have no sponsorship from UPS.

    Sorry Lee you have missed the boat now and went down in my estimation when you accepted UPS as a sponsor.
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    He did great Sunday, took pressure like a man, I watched it,
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    I kept getting him confused with Roy McAvoy (Tin Cup).
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    Rory McIlroy's father reportedly made a £100 pound wager that his son will win the British Open before he turns 25. Does seem like much, until you realize that he placed the bet before his son became a star on the world golf scene.
    The odds? 500-to-1.
    The Belfast Telegraph claims another gambler, also from Rory's home town of Hollywood, Northern Ireland, had a similar 500-to-1 bet on Rory to win any major by age 25.
    He beat that challenge by 3 years this weekend and the bettor took in a cool £25,000 pounds. Even if he doesn't win the The Open this year, his dad has a couple more chances to cash in.

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