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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tworavens, Jun 16, 2009.

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    Word in our building has it that a number of routes will be moved to another building no later than August. Most likely I will follow my route to the new building, even though my commute will go from 5 minutes to 40. Aside from that, I expect it will be much as if I had just gotten a new center management team. Still, I am wondering if anyone out there has gone through such a move, and if so, how was your experience? Any unforeseen problems, or was it all smooth sailing?
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    are you in the redmond building? Word is they are meeting with shop stewards and the union on thursday to discuss this.
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    You must have a stellar route if your willing to give up a 5 minute drive to work for a 40 min drive....Besides losing almost 2 hr's a day commuting, the wear and tear on your personal vehicle and your monthly gas expenses, not to mention rush hour stress and blood pressure levels going up, keep in mind, the route you follow may alter if the mileage changes. Other things to keep in mind are getting to know where you stand on their senority list. Will it increase or decrease your chances for bid routes, vacations, days off, feeders...etc... And also, get a feel for approx how many spots you possibly can you move up if you stay put.....I don't mean to sound so negative, but you did ask for any unforeseen problems.....Good Luck whatever you decide...
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    We were told last week we were losing an Package and a feeder route. They say the volume is low, yet I worked until 930pm last night. Go figure.
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    We had 3 routes leave our building 3 yrs ago. One of the routes is just 9 miles away from the center. It also took the sorters about 1 year to send the packages to the right center. Management had to bring the missorts to the driver every day. Some days he got 30 stops extra. Our center still gets up to 10 a day. Now they leave them at the building for for redirect.
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    diesel96 is right in some of the possible changes. One other to think about. Depending on how the routes are bid and for how long in the center the routes are moving to are a consideration.
    For example: If you have 2 years left on your route bid at this time you keep your route till the bids come around again, then it's open to higher senior divers.
    Before you make your final decision, talk to your BA to see what the agreement is on how it all effects you. Yes, they do have to discuss the moving of work from one center to another.
    I hope it all works well for you.
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    All those ahead of you on the seniority list at the new center won't give a darn. Those with less seniority will hate you for knocking them down a notch. At your old center those with less seniority will love to see you gone:wink2: About the time you get all settled into the new center UPS will bring your area back to the old center because "things didn't go as good in the real world as it appeared they would on paper".:sad-little: I've seen this senerio take place twice.